Did you know that the factory where Fiesta dinnerware is made dates back to 1871? This is how it looked back in the 1920s:Number 8 clay shop Far from how it looks today!Robot #5

In 144 years of business, there are doubtlessly going to be changes that must be put into effect. While much of our dinnerware is still made by hand, some of the process is simplified and made more eco-friendly and durable with the use of technology, such as the machinery featured in the photo above, where it is pumping out our beloved dinnerware!



Our entire factory (over a mile long!), is a collaboration of old and new. It gives us a unique personality that we cherish. Combining old with new is a way of reminding us where we have been, and also where hard work, and a sense of pride in what we create, can take us.


East End Plant Shot BW

A lot has changed over the years, from our processes to our designs (Fiesta wasn’t even a thought back then!), but there is one thing that has remained constant: location. As you are probably aware, Fiesta dinnerware is made in America, a feat that we take pride in, especially during a time when it is much cheaper to get dinnerware outside of the United States. We have kept our factory in the same area it has been for the past 144 years, with no plans of ever relocating outside of Newell, West Virginia, or trimming off our signature ivy from our buildings!Main Office #1

If you’re ever in Newell and hungry for a little history lesson (one that you’re guaranteed not to sleep through, we promise!) we welcome you to come for a visit and tour our historic factories and museum yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find!


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