Summer Fiesta Desk Makeover


We love coming up with fun new ways to incorporate Fiesta Dinnerware into your everyday life. So we thought of several creative new ways to incorporate Fiesta into your workspace. We used new color Slate along with Poppy, Turquoise, Sunflower and Tangerine to brighten up this desk space. These colors are a great reflection of the colors of summer and bring an energetic burst to this Fiesta inspired workspace.


We used the entertaining set in one side desk drawer for colorful organization of common office items. Mints, keys, highlighters, sticky notes and business cards are all organized in it’s own space with easy and clear access to items. We used a custom mix of Slate, Poppy, Tangerine, Turquoise and Sunflower. The Slate is now available in the omni tray.


Thinking outside the world of folders, the rectangular baker works perfectly to keep all your notes, documents and other paperwork in place and organized. We use the Tangerine rectangular baker pictured here.


Mosts desks have a top middle drawer that usually ends up being the catch-all drawer for everything. We came up with a solution for that.


Turquoise and Poppy napkin holders with the small bread tray make the perfect contained spaces for journals, phones, wallets and any other larger office supplies that need the perfect home. We took advantage of the size of the Sugar Packet Caddy for rubber bands, push-pins and paperclips. The coordinating colors used are in Poppy, Turquoise and Slate.


Are you someone who likes having a few items right on your desk to grab and go? We thought you might need some office supply organization on top of your desk as well.


Another small bread tray in Slate is used to hold the more often used items with a Turquoise ramekin for paper clips. Having these items easily available will help you to stay more organized throughout your day. And we bet make you smile.


We also thought of a great way to dress up a square box planter. Perfect for bringing in some outdoor elements. You’ve probably also noticed the Fiesta Dinnerware table runner that we have used to run across the desk to add more color and texture.


The square handled serving tray in Turquoise is layered with a Sunflower napkin holder to bring out the color of the succulents. The layering effect gives the plant a little extra oompf and helps to balance out the other side of the desk.


We even found a way to store your umbrella in a way that will prevent the carpet around your desk from getting wet on a rainy day. The large canister in Slate was a the perfect choice for our color combination.


We hope you get creative and find a way to fit Fiesta Dinnerware into your deskspace at home or at work. It just may make you want to hang out at your desk and enjoy your coffee in one of our new tapered mugs, the one featured here is in Tangerine.


We also wanted to give you a special bonus for your workspace. Did you notice the wallpaper on the computer monitor in the images? If not you can see it and download the wallpaper below.



The new tapered mug (available now) and Slate trivet are the perfect mug and coaster option for your deskspace. The trivet could double as a paper weight. We also love the size of the sugar bowl. It’s another great accent that can hold supplies. Unless you decide you need your personal sugar bowl for work, either way it works as a stylish functional element.


We hope that you enjoy using Fiesta Dinnerware in different ways. If you decide to organize your home or work office space with Fiesta, share the details in our comments section below or on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!


Download the wallpaper here. 


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