Fresh Cut Picnic

After months of teeth chattering weather, trudging through mountains of snow just to get from your front door to your mailbox, and putting on every article of clothing you own to brave the elements, the time is finally here: spring has sprung! With the birds starting to chirp, and flowers preparing to bloom, we figured this was cause for celebration, and what better way to celebrate this colorful season than with a picnic outside- with our colorful dishes of course!

So get your baskets and blankets ready because without further ado, we present our fresh cut palette; the ideal color combination for the change in weather, with a few key items you’ll need during your picnic in the park:


1. Tangerine Saucer– When you’re picnicking, most meal time rules go out the window. You’re sitting outside in the grass, your shoes are off, and your cup and saucer are NOT matching! Okay, maybe that last one is a stretch as far as dinner guidelines go, but we thought that with such an informal meal, we could focus more on the mixing and less on the matching.


2. Lemongrass Square Handled Tray– There’s nothing that gets us more excited for a meal outdoors than the picnic staple: finger sandwiches! And what better way to carry around your sammies than on our Square Handled Tray? Just make sure there’s room for desserts!

3. Shamrock Disc Pitcher– Disc Pitchers aren’t just for decoration anymore. On our first picnic of spring, we’re using it to cart along ice cold lemonade- our go to refreshment when playing in the sun as kids is still a favorite with us today! There’s something about that sugary, tangy mixture that begs to be enjoyed in the sunshine. You can also substitute Sage for Shamrock when the new colors hit the shelves in June.


4. Lapis Bistro Bowl– With the trees starting to turn green again, we’ve got leafy greens on the brain! Bring along a Bistro Bowl (Medium or Large, depending on the number of guests) and fill it to the brim with a delicious assortment of your favorite greens! Add ripe fruits to your salad to give it added texture and sweetness- and an extra pop of color.

5. Sunflower Cup– Who says teacups have to be for tea? Go fancy on your picnic with a teacup to hold all of that sweet lemonade in. Mix it with the Tangerine Saucer to give an eclectic spin to the old classic. Just remember, pinkies out!


6. Plum Appetizer Plate– No need for oversized dinner plates when your main dish is finger foods. Keep the bulky dishes at home and opt for something smaller. The Appetizer Plates are the perfect choice for a lighter load to carry, and to echo the quaintness of the event.

7. Poppy Medium Vase– No picnic is complete without freshly picked flowers (perfect for the Fresh Cut Palette!). Find a diverse mix of colors to keep your picnic looking bright and cheery- from blooming bud to Bistro Bowl!

Our final bit of advice for your Fresh Cut picnic is to bring extras of everything, because once others see your spread, they won’t be able to resist joining in!

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