Fiesta Hacks

FIESTA HACKS (3)copyHere at Homer Laughlin, we love thinking outside the box when it comes to using Fiesta. We believe that with our unique shapes and vivid colors, our dinnerware needs to be displayed as often as possible, instead of always being hidden in a cupboard! That’s why we started brainstorming alternative uses for our beloved dinnerware. We want to be able to flaunt our Fiesta, no matter what we’re doing! So get out your pens and paper, you might want to write these down 🙂


Cake/Cupcake Stand

Looking for a stylish way to show off your decadent desserts? Try using our Cake Plate with a Hostess Bowl flipped upside down as a stand! For tinier treats, swap the bowl for a Bouillon and the cake plate for a Saucer.

cake23 copycopy


Office Necessities

Here’s a fun way to brighten up your desk: use a Tumbler for pens, a Bouillon for rubber bands, a Ramekin for paper clips, a Sugar Packet Caddy for post-its, and a Toothbrush Holder for odds and ends. Your desk will be the talk of the office; just don’t forget the coffee in our Square Mug!



Paint Palette

For all you artists out there, what better way to separate your paints than with our Egg Plate? The bright colors and cool designs of Fiesta are sure to trigger creativity. You can even keep your brushes clean in our Java Mug!




Of course you could use our Medium Vase for flowers, but we decided to get a little more creative. Here we used our Toothbrush Holder – perfect for short stemmed flowers! We’ve also seen collectors use Tumblers, Teapots, and even Disc Pitchers as vases. With Fiesta, the possibilities are endless!

flowers copy

Do you have any Fiesta hacks? Let us know in the comments!



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