5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors

Why release one new color, when we can release two? That was our idea heading into this year’s International Home + Housewares Show 2015 as our Fiesta family proudly revealed Slate and Sage.

The two muted neutrals are a chic nod to the vintage styling so richly seen sprinkled in to today’s modern tablescape. They also playfully accent the bold colors that are so classically Fiesta, and loved by all of you (thank you by the way!).

Think of Sage as the plush greenery that so elegantly makes backyard flowers pop, while Slate’s moody hue highlights and livens virtually any other colorful palette it comes into contact with. We knew we couldn’t have one without the other; in fact, we don’t know how we ever lived without them at the dinner table.

So grab your current Fiesta favorites, and come with us on a journey to five new Fiesta worlds using the newest members of the family, Sage and Slate.

1. Mediterranean

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors Fit for a Greek god or goddess, the Mediterranean tablescape uses the deep hue of Slate and the softness of Sage to accent notes of Turquoise, Lapis, White, and Tangerine to create a crisp and delicious vibe. Invite some cool succulents to the party for a truly on-trend lunch or dinner with friends.

2. Mid-century Modern

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors

Don and Betty Draper would kill to be at this fondue soiree. In this tribute to late 50s and 60s sleek retro, we’ve used both Slate and Sage to accent Poppy, Turquoise, and Ivory in a quintessential scene straight out of “Mad Men.”

3. A New Fiesta Morning

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors  Slate and Sage

Wake up your senses with a modernized retro diner vibe. This one is one of our favorites; using simply Slate, Sage and White, we sweetly offset metallic golds and pinks found in rose champagne, delicious raspberry donuts from one of our favorite eateries on the west coast, E.A.T. Marketplace, and gold flatware. Succulents are, again, a perfect guest to invite to the tablescape party.

4. Dakota Lodge

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors Dreaming of sheer coziness during these past chilly nights? This chic cabin, breakfast-in-bed setting uses Slate and Sage Java Mugs to accent Cobalt, Sunflower, Plum, Paprika, and Poppy for the perfect lodge getaway. Don’t you just want to cuddle up with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa?

5. Sunny Daisy

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors This cheery tablescape feels as fresh as that first bite of citrus in the morning. Here we’ve used the warmth of Sage and the depth of Slate to accent notes of bright Sunflower and crisp White. Enjoy your morning cup of joe or favorite tea with a must-read magazine like Domino to kickstart your productivity.

The color combos are limitless. Follow us on Pinterest and Facebook to see more color stories. What will you create?

Slate and Sage will be available to consumers when we begin shipping the new colors to retailers in mid to late June. 

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