Just the Basics: Essential Dinnerware for a First House or Apartment

At the height of spring, graduation and wedding announcements abound. Many young people are on the verge of living on their own for the first time – or at least with a roommate or domestic partner.

That feeling can be overwhelming. What do they really need when they’re first starting out? Well, when it comes to their first dinnerware collection, Fiesta Dinnerware’s got ‘em covered!

When someone’s short on cupboard space, but big on style, durability and value, these are the first few pieces they’ll need to get going in their first home sweet home of their own.

Fiesta Dinnerware Sage Luncheon Plate - one of the perfect pieces for someone's first house or apartment. For more starter dinnerware ideas, visit the Fiesta blog at www.alwaysfestive.com.

The Fiesta Luncheon Plates are the perfect sized plates when there’s not much space for both dinner plates and salad plates on the shelves. Plus, here’s an extra benefit, they’re really good for portion control!

Fiesta Dinnerware Turquoise 3pc Bistro Set - one of the perfect pieces for someone's first house or apartment. For more starter dinnerware ideas, visit the Fiesta blog at www.alwaysfestive.com.

If there’s a little more space in the cupboards, might we suggest the NEW Fiesta 3pc Bistro Set? It comes with a Dinner Plate, Salad Plate and Small Bistro Bowl. The Dinner Plate and Salad Plate have a slightly different design than the traditional Fiesta Dinner and Salad Plates. They have a wider and flatter surface area and deeper rim, giving them more of a “bistro” or café look – hence the name!

Fiesta Dinnerware Scarlet Medium Bistro Bowl - one of the perfect pieces for someone's first house or apartment. For more starter dinnerware ideas, visit the Fiesta blog at www.alwaysfestive.com.

This Fiesta Medium Bistro Bowl is a great go-to bowl for nearly every meal. It’s pretty much ideal for everything from salad to pasta to stir fry to cereal. Trust us on this one.

Fiesta Dinnerware Sunflower Tapered Mug - one of the perfect pieces for someone's first house or apartment. For more starter dinnerware ideas, visit the Fiesta blog at www.alwaysfestive.com.

For any type of hot drink, the Tapered Mug should be on the list. At 15oz., it’s just the right size and it feels comfy to hold.

Fiesta Dinnerware Foundry Baking/Pizza Tray - one of the perfect pieces for someone's first house or apartment. For more starter dinnerware ideas, visit the Fiesta blog at www.alwaysfestive.com.

The Baking/Pizza Tray is a must-have. Yes, frozen pizza can be made on it, but that’s not the only thing. It can do double duty in place of a cookie sheet. We’ve shown it here above in our new Foundry finish (coming soon!). It has the look of cast iron with the ease of use of ceramic.

So, those are the basic Fiesta Dinnerware items we’d recommend to get started for anyone who’s moving into a place of their own for the first time. Fiesta’s a fun graduation, shower or wedding gift, especially for Fiesta enthusiasts who love to pass the passion down to a new generation!

And if you’re not the first person in your family to own Fiesta Dinnerware, or if you’re gifting Fiesta to someone just starting out on their own, then you’ll know the many benefits of using it as your starter dinnerware:

  • Even though it has a 5-year chip replacement warranty, it’s an investment you’ll most likely have for the rest of your life.
  • By using Fiesta Dinnerware, you’re supporting workers at a family owned factory in Newell, West Virginia, USA.
  • Fiesta is lead free and microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven proof.
  • Fiesta has a long history – 80 years – of timeless, classic design. It was as stylish in the kitchens of 1936 as it is in the modern homes of today.
  • If you’d like to add to your Fiesta Dinnerware collection, pieces are easy to find at thousands of retailers, including better department stores and specialty retailers nationwide, .coms, and fiestafactorydirect.com.

Essential Dinnerware Pieces for A First House or Apartment - learn more at the Fiesta Dinnerware blog at www.alwaysfestive.com

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Shrimp & Grits Recipe

Shrimp and Grits Recipe from Fiesta Dinnerware at the blog www.alwaysfestive.com.Mardi Gras is coming next Tuesday and to celebrate, we thought it only fitting to share a true southern classic recipe, Shrimp and Grits. We found a recipe posted by one of our favorite bloggers, David Leite, from the blog Leite’s Culinaria. One look at David’s many blog posts or Instagram page and you’ll see he’s an avid Fiesta collector, so we’re always happy to support one of our own! 

Shrimp and Grits Recipe from Fiesta Dinnerware at the blog www.alwaysfestive.com.This recipe David adapted from the true southern belle herself, Paula Deen, so you know it’s full of cheese, butter and bacon, y’all. And that just means it’s absolutely delicious! There’s a slight tang of lemon balanced out with some garlic, parsley and green onion. Trust us, this is how you want to celebrate your Fat Tuesday. It is the ultimate decadence. 

We filled our little Fiesta Ramekins with individual servings. And there’s plenty for seconds, or thirds, in the 90oz Large Covered Casserole

Shrimp and Grits Recipe from Fiesta Dinnerware at the blog www.alwaysfestive.com.So, run on over to Leite’s Culinaria and check out the recipe here. And if you make it yourself, let us know what you think! Also, be sure to share some recipes you like to make to celebrate Mardi Gras. We’d love to hear from you.

Shrimp and Grits Recipe from Fiesta Dinnerware at the blog www.alwaysfestive.com.

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24 Fall Color Combinations

As the season changes to fall, our fashions and color choices likely change. At Fiesta Dinnerware, we think that changing up color combinations is just as important as changing up your wardrobe. After all, that’s why we offer so many color choices, so you can mix and match to come up with your own personal signature set for all seasons and occasions.


We have a total of 24 fall color combinations for you to be inspired by or use for any of the upcoming holidays.

The first combination is something traditional in color. We were inspired by the Pantone color of the year, Marsala. We created something that felt traditional but still had a pop of color. We paired plum, sunflower and poppy to create this look. We especially like the square dinner plate on the bottom which acts like a charger plate with the place setting. Plum flatware was also used to complete this look.


In this second fall color combo, we went a bit more modern. We think these colors would be great for someone who likes the idea of non-traditional colors for fall. The color combination looks clean, modern and fresh.

We continued the feeling of new and modern by tucking the napkin between the dinner plate and the luncheon plate across the top, then took sunflower flatware and tied a fork and knife together with thick gray string and laid it across the fringe Fiesta napkins, also in sunflower.


This next look is somewhere in-between the first two, modern meets traditional. We took burlap  and draped that down the center of the table, adding texture to the tablecloth linen to create warmth in conjunction with the earthy tones of paprika. The idea of incorporating wheat into this color combo came after we added the burlap and saw how it perfectly fit in with the color combination. A sprig of wheat looks great against the paprika flatware tied together. Don’t you think?

The color combination we used here is paprika, slate, tangerine and turquoise. The way that we paired it was to layer the lighter, brighter colors on top of the darkest shade, slate. The idea of a holiday brunch brought out the cream and sugar set along with a cup and saucer. The medium bistro bowl is perfect for just about anything.


We have even more fall color combinations ahead for you, all based on fall color trends as well as some of our favorites. We hope that these fall color combinations inspire you to create your own fall color combinations. If you do, we’d love to see them. Share your color combinations with us on Facebook and Pinterest and we will feature them on our color combination board.

Here are the other 21 fall color combinations we created using Colorama on the Fiesta website. Share your favorites with your friends!


Top: Scarlet, Ivory and Sage. Middle: Shamrock and Slate. Bottom: Slate and Sunflower


Top: Scarlet, Sage, Slate and Ivory. Middle: Sage, White and Cobalt. Bottom: Sage, Paprika and Turquoise.


Top: Shamrock and Slate. Middle: Shamrock and Cobalt. Bottom: Ivory, Plum and Sage.


Top: Black and White Middle: Sage and Tangerine. Bottom: Lapis and Slate.


Top: Slate, Sage and Sunflower. Middle: Slate, Plum and Lemongrass. Bottom: Cobalt and Sunflower


Top: Slate, Lapis and Cobalt. Middle: Slate, Sunflower and Poppy. Bottom: Lemongrass, Plum and Shamrock.


Top: Poppy, Plum and Ivory. Middle: Paprika, Slate and Turquoise. Bottom: Poppy, Tangerine and Slate.


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A Summer Citrus Fiesta Wedding


Fiesta Dinnerware Citrus Summer Wedding

This styled shoot shows just what can happen when Fiesta Dinnerware has a wedding moment—hint hint, the results are amazing!

With Fiesta Dinnerware serving up a citrus-inspired color palette against breathtaking views of a Southern California Vineyard backdrop, you have the perfect setting for an intimate Fiesta wedding celebration that will impress your guests!

We incorporated new colors Sage and Slate into the wedding setting along with Fiesta favorites— Poppy, Sunflower and Turquoise. Our friends from Bravado Design created the lovely floral arrangements and styled the Fiesta products to give us this beautiful presentation.

The Beverages

Fiesta Dinnerware Beverage Servers - wedding drink station


We served lemon and lime water in the sunflower beverage server and raspberry limeade in the turquoise beverage server to tie in the citrus theme.

Fiesta Dinnerware Large Disc Pitchers in Sunflower, Poppy and Turquoise. Great for weddings and events!


Fiesta Dinnerware Large Disc Pitchers: Sunflower, Turquoise and Poppy. Perfect for your next summer party!

Disc Pitchers in Poppy, Turquoise and Sunflower set in a Slate oval platter were used to fill up with beverages to take back to the table for dinner.

Fiesta Dinnerware Beverage Server. Beautiful display for cold summer drinks at hot summer parties!


Orange paper straws were a great compliment next to the Sunflower and Turquoise Beverage servers, not to mention fun.



The Cake and Food

Fiesta Dinnerware stack of Omni Trays. So pretty for serving up appetizers.

 Appetizers were set up in unique ways with the entertaining collection to show off the colors, while bowls of citrus were used to add to the feel of the citrus theme. 

Fiesta Dinnerware cake stand hack: Hostess Bowl turned upside down with Pizza/Baking Tray on top. Genius!

The citrus theme was also carried over to the appetizers as well. Mason jars were filled with a wild salmon ceviche with layers of citrus and small bowls made out oranges were filled with wild tuna and avocado with pickled red onions.

Fiesta Dinnerware Hostess Bowl topped with Pizza/Baking Tray. The perfect cake stand!

Using a Fiesta hack to create a beautiful cake stand, we added kumquats instead of flowers to top this cake by Nothing Bundt Cakes. We love the contrast of the cake against the Poppy color.

The Tablescape


Who's ready for a summer wedding? Crisp and clean, this Fiesta Dinnerware color palette of Sage, Slate, Sunflower, Poppy, and Turquoise is beautifully set off against a vineyard backdrop.



Keep flowers simple when you're dressing up your wedding table with colorful Fiesta Dinnerware.

Bravado Design used Mason jars, a variety of white flowers and greenery to give a crisp look to the table. Kumquats were placed in the arrangements for a surprise pop of color.

Fiesta Dinnerware wedding tabletop. Poppy Flatware, Fiesta Sunflower Napkin, and Sage, Turquoise and Poppy plates.

A natural place card stands out against colorful Fiesta Dinnerware at this outdoor summer wedding. Fiesta Napkin, Flatware and Dishes in colors: Sunflower, Poppy, Sage, Slate, and Turquoise.


A wedding tablesetting that makes a statement. Fiesta Dinnerware in Sage, Turquoise and Poppy.

Each place setting had a variety of combinations in Slate, Sage, Turquoise, Poppy and Sunflower to create unique setting for each guest.


So pretty and cheerful! Wedding tablescape in Fiesta Dinnerware colors: Slate, Sunflower, Turquoise, and Poppy.

Fiesta napkins were layered with other fabric to add dimension and even more color—true to Fiesta form!

Get inspired by Fiesta Dinnerware’s rainbow of colors for your next party, wedding, or BBQ decor.


Have a Fiesta styled celebration you’d like to share with us? Share on Facebook or Pinterest.

Venue: Falkner Winery

Photography: Ryan Garvin Photography

Catering: E.A.T Marketplace

Wedding Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes, Temecula, CA

Styling, Furniture and Floral Design: Bravado Design

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5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors

Why release one new color, when we can release two? That was our idea heading into this year’s International Home + Housewares Show 2015 as our Fiesta family proudly revealed Slate and Sage.

The two muted neutrals are a chic nod to the vintage styling so richly seen sprinkled in to today’s modern tablescape. They also playfully accent the bold colors that are so classically Fiesta, and loved by all of you (thank you by the way!).

Think of Sage as the plush greenery that so elegantly makes backyard flowers pop, while Slate’s moody hue highlights and livens virtually any other colorful palette it comes into contact with. We knew we couldn’t have one without the other; in fact, we don’t know how we ever lived without them at the dinner table.

So grab your current Fiesta favorites, and come with us on a journey to five new Fiesta worlds using the newest members of the family, Sage and Slate.

1. Mediterranean

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors Fit for a Greek god or goddess, the Mediterranean tablescape uses the deep hue of Slate and the softness of Sage to accent notes of Turquoise, Lapis, White, and Tangerine to create a crisp and delicious vibe. Invite some cool succulents to the party for a truly on-trend lunch or dinner with friends.

2. Mid-century Modern

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors

Don and Betty Draper would kill to be at this fondue soiree. In this tribute to late 50s and 60s sleek retro, we’ve used both Slate and Sage to accent Poppy, Turquoise, and Ivory in a quintessential scene straight out of “Mad Men.”

3. A New Fiesta Morning

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors  Slate and Sage

Wake up your senses with a modernized retro diner vibe. This one is one of our favorites; using simply Slate, Sage and White, we sweetly offset metallic golds and pinks found in rose champagne, delicious raspberry donuts from one of our favorite eateries on the west coast, E.A.T. Marketplace, and gold flatware. Succulents are, again, a perfect guest to invite to the tablescape party.

4. Dakota Lodge

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors Dreaming of sheer coziness during these past chilly nights? This chic cabin, breakfast-in-bed setting uses Slate and Sage Java Mugs to accent Cobalt, Sunflower, Plum, Paprika, and Poppy for the perfect lodge getaway. Don’t you just want to cuddle up with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa?

5. Sunny Daisy

5 Ways to Get Creative with Fiesta’s New Colors This cheery tablescape feels as fresh as that first bite of citrus in the morning. Here we’ve used the warmth of Sage and the depth of Slate to accent notes of bright Sunflower and crisp White. Enjoy your morning cup of joe or favorite tea with a must-read magazine like Domino to kickstart your productivity.

The color combos are limitless. Follow us on Pinterest and Facebook to see more color stories. What will you create?

Slate and Sage will be available to consumers when we begin shipping the new colors to retailers in mid to late June. 

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Fiesta New Color! Live at #IHHS2015

Peek under the curtain to the International Home + Housewares 2015 showroom floor as we reveal the #FiestaNewColor. We are so incredibly honored and happy to announce… sleek Slate and savory Sage. 



“Slate is the quintessential neutral color, as it is thought of as classic and enduring. It will work with all of the other colors in Fiesta Dinnerware — everything from the most vibrant orange tones to the quietest pastel shades. And even though most people don’t think of green as a neutral, if we look to nature for inspiring color combinations (as we often do), think of all of the colors that work against green foliage similar to this lovely herbal Sage shade. The possibilities are endless and such fun to create!” says color expert Leatrice Eiseman, colorexpert.com and eisemancolorblog.wordpress.com

Fiesta New Color Reveal

Fiesta New Color Reveal“Fiesta history has always leaned toward a bright fashionable pallet. Today’s current updates in home fashion add rich Slate grey and accents of Sage green, providing a strong balance and coordination with Fiesta’s bright color pallet. The current throwback to mid-century modern and vintage styling includes a dominating accent of bright colors combined with cool grays and greens. In todays’ fashions, these color combinations do not exist without one another,” according to Rich Brinkman, our VP of Sales and Marketing at Home Laughlin. 

Fiesta New Color Reveal Fiesta New Color Reveal Fiesta New Color Reveal Fiesta New Color Reveal Fiesta New Color Reveal Fiesta New Color RevealThere are more color combos, tablescape ideas, and #FiestaNewColor fun coming soon. Get exclusive up-to-date information by joining us on Facebook and Pinterest.  

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