Mexican Hot Lava Cakes

Hello! I’m Stephanie from the food lifestyle blog, Oh So Delicioso. We love food, and pretty things for our food, so we’re all super excited to be working with Fiesta–we have loved their dishes! I’ve been dying to make some chocolate lava cakes so when I got to choose some things to try, I was all over the ramekins.

For the holidays and the often chilly weather and cozy parties, I thought I’d do a Mexican Hot Lava Cake, with cinnamon, chili powder, and cayenne. And chocolate, because, well, chocolate…!



These are so simple to make! First gather all your ingredients, chop your chocolate for melting in the microwave. 

In glass bowl, microwave chocolate and butter for 1 minute. Stir until melted. Add powdered sugar, spices, vanilla, salt. Whisk in eggs with a whisk until well-incorporated. Stir in flour until just incorporated.


Butter 4 ramekins. Pour batter into ramekins and bake 10-12 minutes, or until edges and very top are set, but middle can still be jiggled. Remove from oven and set to cool.


Invert cakes onto serving dishes. Garnish with cinnamon, chili powder, and cayenne, top with whipped cream. Serve hot. 


We hope you enjoy and utilize your ramekins over the holiday season! For complete recipe instructions, see below.

Mexican Hot Lava Cakes
A ooey gooey chocolate and spice treat.
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  1. 4 oz. quality chocolate, at least 70% cacao, chopped
  2. 1/2 c butter
  3. 1 c powdered sugar
  4. 1 t cinnamon
  5. 1/8 t chili powder
  6. 1/8 t cayenne
  7. 1 t vanilla
  8. 1/4 t salt
  9. 2 whole eggs
  10. 2 egg yolks
  11. 6 T flour
  12. whipped cream
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. In glass bowl, microwave chocolate and butter for 1 minute.
  3. Stir until melted.
  4. Add powdered sugar, spices, vanilla, salt.
  5. Whisk in eggs with a whisk until well-incorporated.
  6. Stir in flour until just incorporated.
  7. Butter 4 ramekins.
  8. Pour batter into ramekins and bake 10-12 minutes, or until edges and very top are set, but middle can still be jiggled.
  9. Remove from oven and set to cool.
  10. Invert cakes onto serving dishes.
  11. Garnish with cinnamon, chili powder, and cayenne, top with whipped cream.
  12. Serve hot.
Adapted from Kraft
Adapted from Kraft
Fiesta Dinnerware, Always Festive
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Sweet Potato Latkes

Sweet Potato

With tonight being the first night of Hanukkah, we thought we’d whip up some latkes (potato pancakes) to celebrate. Whether you observe the eight night festival of lights or are just looking for a classic winter dish, this recipe is definitely one to try. We’ve even added a little twist to these tasty treats by using sweet potatoes, but you can always use the classic Yukon gold.

Sweet Potato Latkes

1 sweet potato, grated

2 shallots, grated

1/3 cup flour

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1 teaspoon pepper

1 tablespoon chives, finely chopped

1-1/2 teaspoon salt

¾ cup vegetable oil

Sour cream (optional)

Apple sauce (optional)


To kick off this festive feast, preheat the oven to 275 degrees. Then, take your large potato and get to grating! This step also requires quite a bit of elbow grease 😉


After your potato is shredded, grate the shallots and add them to the bowl of potato. At this point, it’s important to wrap the mixture in paper towels or cheesecloth and squeeze out extra moisture. Add the flour, eggs, salt, pepper, and chives to the mixture and stir to combine. 


Next heat oil in a deep skillet over medium heat until a drop of water sizzles in the pan, then reduce the heat to medium low. Now, add spoonfuls of the latke mixture into the skillet, leaving enough room for them to spread out. Pat the potatoey globs into a pancake shape and heat until golden brown on each side.


Put the finished latkes on a baking pan and pop into the oven to keep warm. Repeat until all of the batter is gone, then pat pancakes with a paper towel to get rid of the excess oil. We advise devouring these delights fresh out of the oven, and adding your choice of sour cream or applesauce for the best flavor. Now, dig in and have a happy Hanukkah! L’chaim!


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12 Days Of Christmas Styled Four Ways



We’re so excited this holiday season to have a collectors’ series available to add to your holiday traditions. This year, we launched our 12 Days of Christmas collection with this first set of four java mugs and four salad plates. They’re the first in a series of three to complete the collection of 12 java mugs and 12 salad plates over the next three years.

We provided four different ways to incorporate the first set of the series with your existing Fiesta collection.

Go Glam

Our first table idea is paired with sleek Slate. Slate is such a fun color because it can really be dressed up and that’s just what we did here. We paired the first day of Christmas with lights and a Cobalt napkin and a dressed it up by tying some shimmery tulle to create a beautiful bow to make it extra special. #1-Final


Go Bright

For the second day, we incorporated all four sets with a colorful and bright collection of Fiesta Dinnerware. We paired the set of four java mugs and four salad plates with Scarlet, Turquoise, Tangerine and Sunflower with the Fiesta celebration flatware. We used the same complementary colors in all the placemats and fringe napkins.



A Country Christmas

The cute French hens really spoke to a fun classic country Christmas look. This set coupled perfectly with a Sage dinner plate and Sage salt and pepper shakers. We added in some pine cones and a Christmas tree sprig decorated with holly to match the Scarlet flatware and the Fiesta soiree plaid tablecloth. Doesn’t this setting feel warm and cozy?




Scandinavian Inspired Setting

For the fourth day setting, we were inspired to create a Scandinavian theme with Poppy and Tangerine colors to complement the blue birds in the salad plate and the java mug. We used the tree branches to put together a small wreath the size of the dinner plate. We added in colorful felt flowers for an added pop of color. We kept the linens simple with just a placemat and napkin because the wood grains of the table added to the whimsical Scandinavian theme.



We hope you love the new 12 Days of Christmas collection and incorporate it into the your family holiday traditions for years to come. Share how you have incorporated it into your personal collection of Fiesta Dinnerware on social media and use hashtag #FiestaDinnerware for the chance to have your image featured on our official Fiesta Dinnerware Facebook page!
Happy Holidays!

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Handmade Holidays

HANDMADE HOLIDAYThere’s nothing quite like a homemade gift.  It must be that personal touch and the ability to customize each detail to the recipient that makes handmade objects so very meaningful.

So in the spirit of handmade holiday cheer, we’ve put together a list of six totally giftable crafts, all drawing from the clever DIY projects we’ve made this year.xmas gumball machineFIESTA GUMBALL MACHINE
This handmade faux gumball machine is as cute as it is clever.  Fill it with colored candies tailored to the season’s palette. finalSNOWMAN CENTERPIECE
Build your own frosty friend and you’ll have the perfect centerpiece for a wintery table scape or mantel display.  Customize the snowman’s scarf to suite the tastes of his new owner. Team colors are always a favorite around here.

1 Chili Bowl in White
1 Individual Covered Sugar  in White
1  Individual Covered Sugar Lid or Small Teapot Lid in Black
2 twigs, about 3 1/2” long
1 strip of material (such as felt) about 1” wide by 18” long
Hot glue
Acrylic paint, Sharpies, or decals

Turn Chili Bowl upside down and apply hot glue to the bottom of the bowl, around the inner circle of the foot.

Immediately place the Individual Covered Sugar, right side up, on top of the bowl.

Glue the twigs (arms) to either side of the snowman, placing them between the Cover Sugar and Chili Bowl.

Tie the strip of material around the base of the Covered Sugar for the snowman’s scarf.

Give your snowman a face and buttons using acrylic paint, Sharpies, or decals.


santa final

Yet another use for our handsome jumbo bowl, this Santa Centerpiece is a real showstopper.  To create your own Fiesta Santa, follow the materials guide below, using craft or hot glue to adhere.

Santa’s Body: Scarlet Chili/Jumbo Bowl
Base: Small Pie Plate trimmed with snowflakes
Arms, Belt, Mittens, Mustache, and Eyebrows: adhesive felt
Belt buckle: non-adhesive gray felt, glued on
Face: 3 inch Styrofoam ball, painted off white
Nose: small wooden dowel, painted off white
Eyes: small googly eyes
Mouth: small red felt ball
Hat: red felt trimmed with white fur, small white pompom
Santa’s Neck and Mittens: trimmed with white fur
Santa’s Beard: poly-fil
Stocking: foam sticker

Teacup Final

Hand-poured candles are the perfect gift for nearly everyone on your list.  If you want to make the candles a bit more masculine, swap out the classic tea cup for a mug or go all out with a lidded Fiesta Jam Jar.

Give the gift of our stunning Medium Vase made even more beautiful with handmade paper flowers.

gratitude jar final

This DIY isn’t as much a gift as it is a heart warming project to create with your loved-ones this season.



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7 Mug Gift Ideas


With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking of gifts to show your appreciation for those people in your life that are closest to you. If you don’t want to break the bank, but still want your friends to know you’re thinking of them, then put the fruitcake down and consider giving them a Fiesta mug with a bonus gift inside!

For the sugar lover:


What better way to show your sweetest friend you care than a Tapered Mug full of their favorite candies? We filled ours to the brim with M&M’s and stuck some more treats in, but you can use whatever candy you’d like! 

For the coffee drinker:


Our Tapered Mug filled with K Cups is the perfect gift for that special someone who always has their coffee with them and swears by their Keurig. Did you know that the Tapered Mugs were designed to fit Keurig coffee makers?



For those friends without Keurigs, you can still make their holiday special with some fresh coffee beans in our Java Mug. Don’t forget the biscotti! 

For the tea drinker:


We know not everyone is a coffee drinker, so for those pals who swear by their tea, try filling up a Java Mug with their favorite flavor of tea. If you’re feeling especially generous this holiday season, you could throw in a Fiesta Teapot as well!

For the cocoa connoisseur:


After a long day shopping in the cold, playing in the snow, or simply just walking to the mailbox, it’s impossible to turn down a steaming, ring-handled Mug of hot cocoa. Add some marshmallows and a candy cane to make this gift even more delectable.

For those on the go:


We all have that friend who is always on the go. Give them the gift of our Jumbo Mug with dehydrated soup and crackers that they can make anytime!

For the coworker:


Our Fiesta Tervis Tumblers are the perfect gift for anyone on your list and great for a coworker, teacher, or anyone who has a habit of running out of post it notes or losing pens too easily 🙂


Check out our teacup candle blog post for another great gift idea!


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