Columbus Everything Fiesta Tent Sale Wrap-Up

Columbus, Oh-2

As many of you know, we held our first ever tent sale in Columbus, OH last week. With this being our first Everything Fiesta Tent Sale venture outside of our retail outlets, we had no idea what to expect. After spending endless hours planning, running over details and demographics, and speculating the needs, we are excited to report that the event went off without a hitch and exceeded our expectations!


With an unprecedented turn out, we ended up running short on some items that were in high demand. Even though we brought in an additional three extra semi-trucks loaded with ware on the second day, we found we could have used more.

IMG_0800 copy

A 1 and, at times, a 2 hour wait seemed to be the norm over the course of the 4 days, however there were some lucky folk who got there early enough not to wait in any line. We made sure to provide benches to keep guests comfortable.


The atmosphere in Columbus was very friendly and inviting to the brand during the sale, which made our jobs that much easier. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s cooperation, support and tolerance of the wait time. From buying 16-20 pieces of ware, to buying for a small tribe, the provided shopping carts were an incredible success and a requirement going forward. We walked away realizing we could have utilized an additional semi full of grocery carts in the name of customer service to help move our Fiesta® enthusiasts into the tent in a more expeditious manor.


One of our favorite parts of the weekend was inviting 7 local non-profits to take our extra ware for their organizations on the last day. We love having the opportunity to provide some color while giving back whenever we can!

Volunteers at the Homeless Families Foundation enjoying their tent sale haul.

Volunteers from the Homeless Families Foundation enjoying their tent sale haul.


A note from our VP of Sales & Marketing

The Fiesta Production & Sales teams, local Columbus Temps, and I had an exhausting blast at this very special first ever Columbus, Ohio Tent Sale. I personally want to thank everyone who came from near & far, as well as the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair grounds, and the city of Columbus for such an outstanding, inviting reception.  

These were 4 packed days of wonderful memories that we will always cherish. Hope to see everyone again, same time, same place, next year.


Sincere Regards,

Rich Brinkman

V/P Sales & Marketing

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How to Style the Perfect #Shelfie with Fiesta Dinnerware


Capturing images and sharing them with our friends and family on social media is one of the most fun aspects the digital age. Afterall, we are proud and love the items we have in our lives, especially if it has anything to do with Fiesta Dinnerware. In this blog post, we decided to play around with the digital trend known as a “shelfie” — decoratively styling the shelves of your cabinets and show you our three best shelfies along with some tips on styling your own.

Color Scheme: Our first tip is to decide what your color scheme will be. Once you decide on the colors you are going to display, then you can select the items you want to have on your shelves. In our three different shelfies, we created three different looks:


  1. an ombre scheme of greens and blues
  2. a collection of retro mod style
  3. a citrus color theme

Fiesta Tip: Have more items than will fit on your shelves? Fret not! The idea of shelfies is that they are a fun ever-changing piece of functional art in your home that can easily be switched out.

Functionality: If you’re styling a shelfie with Fiesta Dinnerware, chances are it will be somewhere close to your kitchen or dining room. Deciding how functional you want your shelfie to be will help you decide what accessories you will want to add to the shelves. We added coffee beans, sugar and a french press to one of our shelfies because it’s close to our breakfast nook.





Horizontal and Vertical: To keep your shelfies looking visually interesting, use a variety of sizes of items and place them either in a horizontal or vertical manner. It creates interest and shows personality.


Size: While it’s important to show off your own personal style, be practical about the extra items that you add to your shelfie to be the most aesthetically pleasing. For example, don’t add in any accessories that are bigger than the largest dish on each shelf. Extra items should generally be small to medium sized for best results.

Books: Regardless of the type of shelfie that you decide on, books always make it better. Since our shelfie consists of dishes, we decided to add cookbooks and magazines.



Grouping and Layers of Colors: The idea with this rule is to create variety within the color scheme that you choose. In all of our looks, we have shown groups of like colors and/or layers of color but have varied the amount of each. By doing both, you get to show off your Fiesta collection and sense of color style.





Plants and Flowers: Add in plants or flowers to your shelfie. It adds a soft touch and keeps your shelfie looking natural and real.


Take A Step Back: Once you completely style your shelfie, take a step back and remove one or two items off each shelf. The idea here is that you don’t want it to look cluttered. If any item seems to be out of place, remove it and reassess. If you are pleased with what you see, you’re done! Enjoy and use #FiestaShelfie so we can see your best shelfie!


The Lemongrass deep dish pie baker is discontinued (Bottom Left Corner) , however we do have some stock still available online. So if it caught your, eye get one while you can!



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10 Things You Didn’t Know About The HLC Factory


Have you ever wondered where Fiesta Dinnerware is made? You probably know that our dinnerware is 100% made in the USA, but what you might not know is that our factory is located in the small, single stoplight town of Newell, WV. Another little known fact is that our dinnerware has been produced in the same factory for over a century. It is impossible to have a building that old without a few quirks and a lot of history, so without further ado, we present our favorite fun facts about the Homer Laughlin China factory.

  1. Something old, something new. The Homer Laughlin China factory in Newell, WV is 108 years old! Although 108 is very old for a pottery factory, this is actually our new factory. Our original headquarters were located across the Ohio River in East Liverpool, OH from 1877 to 1907. The reason for the move was that the company was growing rapidly and there was not enough room in East Liverpool to accommodate the growth. Therefore, in 1902, a tract of land was purchased (from the Newell family) across the river and development began on the town of Newell. During 1905 and 1906, the company constructed plant #4, which at that time, was the largest pottery plant ever built in the world.East End Plant Shot BW
  2. Trolley Line. The construction of the new factory, though necessary, posed somewhat of a problem. The factory workers were still living in East Liverpool and needed an easy way to commute to work. Thus, a trolley line was built to transport workers across the river. Workers were let off their shifts 5 minutes early every day to catch the trolley back to East Liverpool. The trolley line was such a valued tradition at Homer Laughlin, our present day workers still leave work 5 minutes early, like they are off to catch the trolley, too. 
  3. Haunted HLC. We’re sure that it will not come as a shock to hear that a factory as old as ours has its share of ghost stories. Many workers in the factory have reported hearing footsteps when no one was around, garbage cans being moved, and even experiencing their hair being pulled when they were alone. Other employees have sworn that they’ve seen white figures darting around the showroom. Some have pictures of footprints in the factory that start and stop out of nowhere. Once, a worker even witnessed a clay mold being thrown across a room while completely alone. Are these just made up ghost stories? Or is it really Homer Laughlin checking up on his factory?
  4. HLC Showroom. The showroom in the Homer Laughlin China factory is where our products are put on display for clients and visitors to view. The showroom that we use today opened in January 1922 and has undergone little change. Though it is almost a century old, the showroom has a certain elegance that can’t be replicated by modern architecture.Show Room 1921
  5. Mile long factory. In order to produce so much dinnerware, we require quite a lot of space! Luckily, our factory is a mile long in order to house all of the equipment needed. Imagine the workout our factory workers get!
  6. Museum. With all of the history housed in the factory, we needed a place to show it off. That’s why we added a museum to our factory to give visitors a better look into the history of our product. In the museum, you can find vintage dinnerware, retired patterns, and old photographs of workers in the factory from as far back as the 1920s!
  7. museumshotTours. Want a closer look at the machinery used in making Fiesta Dinnerware and Homer Laughlin China? Tours of the factory are available for those who sign up. Get a first hand look at the process from clay to cup and learn some more history along the way. You can call 1-800-452-4462 (Option #1) to set up your tour!
  8. The best potters. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best dinnerware in the world, and for that we need the best potters in the world. As workers enter the factory they walk beneath this sign, which serves as a constant reminder of our dedication to excellent service:
  9. Portals pass the best pottersProduction. Don’t have time to come for a tour of the pottery? Don’t sweat it! We have several videos on our YouTube channel that show highlights of how our dinnerware is made. Check out this one made by Manufacturing Marvels:
  10. Morgue. This sounds depressing, but hang with us. Ever wonder where the rejected prototypes go that don’t make it to production? Or where some of the old Homer Laughlin ware is stored that isn’t displayed in the museum? They are housed in a room in the factory known as the morgue that is kept locked at all times. Could we have come up with a more lighthearted name for it? Maybe.



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