Top 10 Back to School Items

It’s hard to believe that a new school year is upon us already; it felt as though college students everywhere were just packing up their things and moving back into Mom and Dad’s house. For those moms and dads who are sending their children off to college for the first time, you might not know where to start when it comes to buying the essentials. For those who have been around the block, you might be sending your child to their first college apartment. Or if you yourself are a college student not knowing where to start, or looking to spruce up your already pre-existing college inventory, we have complied what we believe are Fiesta® items that will get plenty of use during your time at school. Take a look below to see what you should be shopping for.

1. Tervis Tumbler®

Tervis Tumbler

The Tervis Tumbler® is the quintessential item every college student needs.  This hot or cold tumbler is perfect for running to and from early morning classes, or late night study sessions. You can have your fresh, hot cup of coffee or your cool, crisp water on the go no matter what time of day. If you purchase 5 Tervis Tumblers at our Factory Retail Outlet or on our website, you receive the 6th free from now through August 31st. These tumblers are available in 16 ounces and 24 ounces.

2. Fiesta® Tumbler


The Fiesta® Tumbler is a great addition to any dorm room or apartment. This is the perfect tabletop or countertop item to add a burst of lively color to your desk or sink. The uses for this item are endless; it can be the home of your pens and pencils, a snug container for cotton swabs or loose change for when laundry day arrives, or whatever else you think up. To see more creative ways to use these tumblers take a look at our past blog post. Take advantage of a special deal on these tumblers going on now until September 7th, where you can buy 5 Fiesta tumblers and get the 6th free.

3. Jumbo Cup

Jumbo Cup

The Jumbo Cup is the perfect size for a single serving of soup or Mom’s homemade stew on a cool fall day. It’s also a trendy piece to use as your everyday coffee mug. There’s no better feeling than returning to your dorm or apartment on a Friday afternoon following a long week of classes and exams, changing into your comfiest clothes, curling up with a Jumbo Cup full of warm tea, and watching your all-time favorite movie with your friends.

4. Gusto Bowl

Gusto Bowls

Everything goes great in a Gusto Bowl. From cereal, to pasta, to ice cream, this piece is a great bowl for everyday use. So, stock up your cupboards, invite over your friends, and show off not only your cooking skills, but your colorful collection of Fiesta® Gusto Bowls. For a limited time, we are running a special on this piece with a buy 5, get the 6th free deal happening from now until September 7th.

5. Jam Jar

Jam Jar

The quaint and petite Jam Jar is a versatile countertop accessory sure to please many. College students everywhere need a place to store small knick knacks to keep from losing. This Jam Jar is the perfect size for even the smallest of living spaces, where students can store loose coins, forgotten kitchen essentials such as rubber bands or paper clips, their favorite tea bags, or even as a place to store memorable objects from college like tickets to the championship football game or cute notes from friends. This is a must have item on every college students checklist.

6. Dinner Plate

Fiesta Plate Stack 2015

A Dinner Plate is an automatic must have in college. Even though it seems like everybody is dining on paper plates, why be like them? Stand out amongst your friends like Fiesta stands out amongst other dishes. Brighten up your meals by enjoying them on lively colored plates like nothing you can find in the dining hall. From now until September 7th, if you purchase 5 Fiesta® Dinner Plates, you receive the 6th for free. With that deal, why eat on paper?

7. Small Platter

Small Platter

For the bakers of the group, this one’s for you. Freshly baked sweet treats pair wonderfully with our Small Oval Platter. This platter is small enough to fit snuggly in a cramped kitchen cabinet, but lively enough to make a bold statement in your home. Pick yours out today while we have a special going on from now until September 7th, where if you purchase five small platters, you get the 6th one on us.

8. Fiesta® Merengue Flatware


Every college student needs silverware, there’s no if, ands, or buts about it. The Fiesta® Merengue flatware set is affordable for any student on a budget, and is a nice touch to liven up your meal with their colorful handles. This set includes 4 salad forks, 4 dinner forks, 4 dinner knives, 4 dinner spoons, and 4 teaspoons. Make sure to pick up this essential item soon!

8. Fiesta® Dish Towel

Dish Towels

You would be surprised with how handy a dish towel can be. Therefore, a Fiesta® Dish Towel should be on your shopping list. Messes happen, and it’s better to be prepared than sorry.  These soft dish towels make for quick and easy cleaning, and simply toss it in the washing machine post-clean up, saving you money on constantly buying paper towels. Save 15% on all kitchen textiles from now until August 31st.

10. Kitchen Tool Kit

Fiesta 17pc Bake Set

This kitchen tool kit has everything that a kitchen could need. If you are a college student living in an apartment this should definitely be an item on your checklist. This kit will help you improve your cooking skills because it comes with 5 pinch bowls, 3 silicone spatulas, 4 measuring cups, and 5 measuring spoons. And if you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, this can all be washed in it. The fun thing about this kit is that it is multi-colored in bright Fiesta colors.


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