Everything Fiesta Tent Sale Q&A

What is the tent sale?

The tent sale is an event in which we sell our second quality Fiesta® dinnerware at a discounted price.  We hold these sales twice a year at our Factory Retail Outlet in Newell, WV, as well at Everything Fiesta in Sutton, WV.

What are seconds?

Seconds are Fiesta dinnerware items that have minor flaws in them, some you may not even notice. 

What time does the tent sale start?

The sale starts at 8am August 3-5.

How do I get to the tent sale?

The address for the tent sale is 90 Woodward Drive, Sutton, WV, 26601.

The Everything Fiesta Retail Outlet is located in the Flatwoods Factory Outlet Mall, and it is located 80 miles south of Morgantown, and 70 miles north of Charleston. Take the Flatwoods Exit #67 off Interstate 79.

Google Map

The map above is marked to show where to go once you have arrived at the Flatwoods Factory Outlet Stores.

The yellow lines are marked to show the roads that lead you to the tent sale once you exit Interstate 79.
The red rectangle indicates where the tent is located.
The blue rectangle indicates where to park once you arrive.
The green dot shows where customers begin to line up to enter the tent.

What time do people start waiting in line?

Each day is different; a few dedicated people even camp out all night.

To help you plan your trip, it’s good to know that the morning is usually the busiest time in the tent each day, making the line to get into the tent longer in the morning than that afternoon, so plan accordingly!


Where do I park my car and how much does it cost?

All parking is free, and cars can be parked in the Mall parking lot.

Where can I get a price list?

Price lists will be handed out while you are in line. There will also be price lists hanging up throughout the tent. Expect to see a wide variety of Fiesta items discounted at 30% to 50% off.

Will you publish the price list online?

Unfortunately, no. Price lists will be handed out while you are in line.

What are the prices like?

The prices can be up to 50% off normal seconds prices. We listed a few examples below:

A dinner plate will cost $2.10 in the tent and $4.00 in the normal seconds room.
A mug will cost $2.00 in the tent and $3.50 in the normal seconds room.
A large disc pitcher will cost $4.75 in the tent and $8.25 in the normal seconds room.

These are deals you can’t pass up!

What colors will be in the tent?

The color selection will vary each day. You might even be lucky enough to find some discontinued colors, such as Plum and Paprika. Claret will also be available for the first time at a tent sale.

What items will be in the tent?
The item selection will vary each day. New items have to be available for a year before they are released in seconds. Place settings will not be available in the tent, but will remain available in our Everything Fiesta Outlet.

If you are hoping to purchase broken ware to create a colorful Fiesta mosaic…sorry! We are unable to sell you any broken pieces due to liabilities.

How are the items sold?

Every item is sold individually (unless you find a matching lid). Even items that are typically sold in a set will be sold individually, such as a sugar and creamer tray set or extra large butter dish.

Do I need to get there on the first day to get the best item/color selection?

We restock the tent every night. Therefore, each day there are new items and surprises waiting for you! If we only have a few pieces of an item we try to limit the amount you can purchase to give everyone a chance!

Do I need to get there early to get the best item/color selection?

Trust us, we will not run out of ware!  The tent will always have a good stock of plates, bowls, and mugs no matter what time you get there. Getting there early will give you an advantage if we only have one bin of a certain item.  However, if we only have a few pieces of an item we try to limit the amount you can purchase to just a few to give everyone a chance!

Are my purchases boxed for me, or do I need to bring something to pack them in?

All ware that you purchase will be wrapped in paper and packed securely in boxes/bags for easy transportation.

What happens if I return home and discover an item wasn’t packed or I want to exchange a purchased item?

Make sure to watch your items as they are being packed. Sometimes our packers work so quickly that they miss packing an item. All of our sales on second quality items are final, regardless of whether it is during the tent sale or not. Therefore, if an item is unfortunately left behind or what you no longer desire, we are unable to refund or exchange the item. Also, make sure to check if your cashier or packer has put stoppers in your salt and pepper shakers, cheese shakers, and toothbrush holders. Make sure that your soap/lotion dispensers are given a pump too!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and cash. We do not accept American Express or checks.

If you are paying with a credit card please have your ID ready.

Do you accept gift cards/gift certificates during the tent sale?

Gift cards can be used in the store. 

What do I need to bring?

We highly recommend bringing a dolly with you. We provide you with up to four milk crates when you enter the tent. The dolly makes them much easier to carry. 

There is a good chance the ware will be a little dirty. Therefore, we highly recommend bringing a rag or a sock to wipe off the factory dirt and dust from the dishes.

…and of course we recommend you bring a friend!

Can I bring my child with me?

Due to safety reasons, no children under the age of 16 are permitted in the tent.

What if my child is in a car seat or if I’m holding them?

Due to safety reasons, no children under the age of 16 are permitted in the tent.

What happens if it rains?

The show must go on! The sale will happen come rain or shine. However, if there is lightning and thunder, we will evacuate the tent until the weather has cleared and it has been deemed safe to continue. If this does happen, there is always the possibility to check out our first quality items and specials in our Everything Fiesta Retail Outlet.

We highly recommend checking the weather before heading to the sale, that way you dress appropriately for the conditions. 

Will the Everything Fiesta Outlet be open during the tent sale?

Yes, it will be open the same hours as the tent sale and you do not need a ticket to get in. Make sure you stop in because the first quality Fiesta will be on sale!

Will the second’s room in Everything Fiesta be open?

No, all of our seconds will be under the tent.

What do you do with the ware left over after the sale?

Everything will go back into the seconds room the following day.


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