Tent Sale Wrap Up

We hope you’re not Tent Sale-ed out, because we have more behind the scenes looks from last week’s Tent Sale festivities!


As most of you may know by now, we had quite the turn out last week at our annual Summer Tent Sale. In fact, Day One was a record-breaking day of attendance with 1600+ attendants! We were in awe by the turnout for Day One, and the numbers continued to be impressive for the rest of the sale, as well. On Friday we had 1300+, Saturday 900+ and, although we don’t typically extend the sale to Sunday, we still 600+ people come out for the last day. For this, we’d like to send out a big thank you to Fiesta lovers, and bargain shoppers alike.

Tent Sale Stats_Day One_ 1600+Day Two_And wow, were there a lot of Fiesta lovers! The line to the sale was officially allowed to form at 7 PM, and many people took advantage of that. There were more people camping over night to be first in line than many of us had seen previously. However, it was the “Fiesta-nista Goddesses” that got the top spot and were the first in line for the sale.

fiesta goddesses

This group of Fiesta lovers made the most of their short trip to the outlet from Akron, OH and hit the line early. Tina (in the dark pink) even chose to celebrate her birthday at the sale. Now that is commitment! Happy birthday, again, Tina!

The Fiesta-nista Goddesses have been coming to the sale for a few years now. However, this group of Poppy clad sisters told us they have been attending the sale for 20+ years!

poppy sisters

They used to come with their mother, and have made it a tradition to keep coming every year. Although one of the sisters had to miss this year for work, they always try to visit Newell, and each other, twice a year. These ladies come from Frederickburg, VA, Morgantown, WV, to right outside of Newell, to be at the beginning of the line. Can you guess what they were after this year? Poppy!

This group has been converting their friends into Fiesta collectors for years.


What started as a couple of collectors has now grown to 30+ of their friends and family members who caught the bug just from gifting Fiesta! They’ve been coming for about 10 years from Canton, OH to stock up on Fiesta for themselves and their friends. What keeps them coming back for more? They say the friendliness of the staff, and the fact that our dinnerware is 100% made in America. They don’t mind the colors either 🙂


There were new collectors and old out this weekend. This couple has recently made coming to our Tent Sales part of their yearly tradition. Maybe they’ll hit 20 sales one day, too!

We got to meet tons of great people at our Summer Tent Sale, which is one of our favorite parts of our sales. Whether they were from right here in Newell, WV, or had come all the way from California, they all had stories to tell and a love of Fiesta to talk about with us. Even a couple of women made the trip from Canada to get the dishes and support the Made in America movement.

We are appreciate all of our collectors, whether you came or wished you could’ve. Hopefully we’ll see you at the next Tent Sale!


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