An American Celebration

An American Celebration

The spirit of Independence Day is sublime. As star-spangled flags ripple in the gentle July breeze, families across the nation gather in the sunshine to celebrate their love of our country. No matter where you are this July 4th, we hope our American Celebration inspires you to get in the spirit with some simple bursts of red, white, and blue provided by none other than the classic American Icon, Fiesta® Dinnerware.

Fiesta 4th of July Spread

This year, our table setting is as simple as it is striking. A pure white tablecloth sets the stage for Scarlet, White, and Lapis Fiesta® dishes, accented by just a few trimmings.

Fiesta 4th of July Setting

To really make a statement, mix and match the color layers of Fiesta, so each place setting is slightly different from the next. The limited color palette guarantees flawless results.

Fiesta Omni Trays

One of our favorite additions to the holiday tablescape is the brand new Fiesta® Omni Tray, which we arranged in a snake-like formation down the center of the table. Fill the trays with colorful candy, fresh berries, or nuts for a display that’s as tasty as it is tasteful.

July 4th Pitcher

For the centerpiece we filled our signature item, the Fiesta® Disc Pitcher, with a pair of mini American flags and a few sprigs of foil stars. This spirited arrangement would look equally charming in a Vase or Utensil Crock too.

Fiesta July 4th Dessert Table

Our July 4th celebration wouldn’t be complete without a snack bar offering up treats both salty and sweet. By using Fiesta dishes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and heights, you create visual interest and a stunning set-up for snacks.

July 4th Cupcakes

Cupcakes are elevated to supreme status when perched on a Baking Tray atop an inverted Hostess Bowl. This makeshift cake stand is perfect for showing off all variety of cakes and pies.

July 4th Cookies

Festive sugar cookies look perfectly at home in the low profile of an Oval Platter. This elegant plate is a classic choice for cookies and bars.

July 4th Pretzels

The Fiesta® Utensil Crock never ceases to amaze. In this rendition, it holds bedazzled pretzel rods upright and at the ready. To make these charming treats, simply dip the top third of a large pretzel rod into melted chocolate or white chocolate wafers then toss on sprinkles and let set until firm.

July 4th Popcorn

For another inspired snack, pop up a few bags of microwave popcorn and then drizzle with melted white chocolate. Top it all off with blue sprinkles and a few packs of red Pop Rocks candy. The addition of the old-school candy will delight your guests and pay homage to the day of firecrackers.

July 4th Candy Bars

Perfect as a party favor, we wrapped crowd-pleasing chocolate bars with homemade holiday wrappers. These personalized treats are a breeze to make, especially if you use our template. Load them on a Fiesta® Bread Tray for extra style points.

Whether store-bought or homemade, holiday fare always looks festive on Fiesta® dinnerware. Keep this in mind when setting up your Fourth of July celebration and you’ll have a family gathering that’s as bright and cheerful as the Independence Day spirit.

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Tent Sale Wrap Up

We hope you’re not Tent Sale-ed out, because we have more behind the scenes looks from last week’s Tent Sale festivities!


As most of you may know by now, we had quite the turn out last week at our annual Summer Tent Sale. In fact, Day One was a record-breaking day of attendance with 1600+ attendants! We were in awe by the turnout for Day One, and the numbers continued to be impressive for the rest of the sale, as well. On Friday we had 1300+, Saturday 900+ and, although we don’t typically extend the sale to Sunday, we still 600+ people come out for the last day. For this, we’d like to send out a big thank you to Fiesta lovers, and bargain shoppers alike.

Tent Sale Stats_Day One_ 1600+Day Two_And wow, were there a lot of Fiesta lovers! The line to the sale was officially allowed to form at 7 PM, and many people took advantage of that. There were more people camping over night to be first in line than many of us had seen previously. However, it was the “Fiesta-nista Goddesses” that got the top spot and were the first in line for the sale.

fiesta goddesses

This group of Fiesta lovers made the most of their short trip to the outlet from Akron, OH and hit the line early. Tina (in the dark pink) even chose to celebrate her birthday at the sale. Now that is commitment! Happy birthday, again, Tina!

The Fiesta-nista Goddesses have been coming to the sale for a few years now. However, this group of Poppy clad sisters told us they have been attending the sale for 20+ years!

poppy sisters

They used to come with their mother, and have made it a tradition to keep coming every year. Although one of the sisters had to miss this year for work, they always try to visit Newell, and each other, twice a year. These ladies come from Frederickburg, VA, Morgantown, WV, to right outside of Newell, to be at the beginning of the line. Can you guess what they were after this year? Poppy!

This group has been converting their friends into Fiesta collectors for years.


What started as a couple of collectors has now grown to 30+ of their friends and family members who caught the bug just from gifting Fiesta! They’ve been coming for about 10 years from Canton, OH to stock up on Fiesta for themselves and their friends. What keeps them coming back for more? They say the friendliness of the staff, and the fact that our dinnerware is 100% made in America. They don’t mind the colors either 🙂


There were new collectors and old out this weekend. This couple has recently made coming to our Tent Sales part of their yearly tradition. Maybe they’ll hit 20 sales one day, too!

We got to meet tons of great people at our Summer Tent Sale, which is one of our favorite parts of our sales. Whether they were from right here in Newell, WV, or had come all the way from California, they all had stories to tell and a love of Fiesta to talk about with us. Even a couple of women made the trip from Canada to get the dishes and support the Made in America movement.

We are appreciate all of our collectors, whether you came or wished you could’ve. Hopefully we’ll see you at the next Tent Sale!


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Recipe Contest Winner

Recipe Contest Winner-3As you might know, we have been holding a Flaunt Your Fiesta Recipe Contest over the course of the past month. We have received truly mouth-watering photos of our fans’ recipes, but only one could reign supreme. And the winner is…

Lemongrass Alfredo Blog

Michael W. Waite for his Lemon(grass) Garlic Shrimp Alfredo! This dish tickled our taste buds and left us craving more. Congratulations, Michael! Please send us a message on Facebook with your address and preference of color for our new Covered Casserole. For anyone wanting to taste Michael’s dish, here is his recipe (designed himself!):

LemonGrass Garlic Shrimp Alfredo

We want to thank everyone for their involvement in our first ever Recipe Contest, especially our runners up: Angel Estes and Karen Walker Misier.

Angel’s recipe was a delectable take on Pineapple Upside Down Cake, baked right into our 8 oz. Ramekins. The fluffy little cakes were the perfect proportion to satisfy our sweet tooths.

Pineapple Upsidedown Cakes Blog

Here is Angel’s recipe:

• cooking spray
• 1/2 cup butter, melted
• 1 1/2 cups brown sugar
• 8 maraschino cherries
• 1 can sliced ring pineapple
• 1 (18.25 ounce) package pineapple cake mix (such as Duncan Hines® Pineapple Supreme)
• 3 eggs
• 1 1/3 cups pineapple juice
• 1/3 cup vegetable oil
• 1 tablespoon confectioners’ sugar for dusting, or as needed

20 mins
20 mins
45 mins
1. Move an oven rack into the middle of the oven. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
2. Spray 8 FIESTA ramekins with cooking spray.
3. Spoon 2 teaspoon melted butter into the bottom of each sprayed FIESTA ramekins.
4. Spoon 2 tablespoon brown sugar in each FIESTA ramekins.
5. Place sliced pineapple into the bottom of the FIESTA ramekins
6. Place a maraschino cherry into the center of the pineapple ring in each FIESTA ramekins.
7. Mix pineapple cake mix, eggs, pineapple juice, and vegetable oil in a large bowl with electric mixer on low speed until moistened, about 30 seconds. Turn mixer speed to medium and mix for 2 minutes.
8. Pour pineapple cake batter into the FIESTA ramekins filling them ¾ full; do not overfill.
9. Bake in the preheated oven until a toothpick inserted into the center of a pineapple cake comes out clean, about 20 minutes.
10. Allow cupcakes to cool at least 5 minutes before inverting FIESTA ramekins onto the Fiesta appetizer/bread&butter plate to release. Serve with pineapple and cherry sides up. Sprinkle pineapple cakes lightly with confectioners’ sugar.


Karen provided us with an egg-cellent take on a breakfast favorite with her Breakfast Casserole! This cheesy concoction was a perfect start to our tasters’ morning (and the perfect snack all day, too!).

Casserole Blog 2

Here is Karen’s recipe:


Your recipes made it extremely difficult to pick a winner. In fact, they were so good we’d like to give you both a little something as well! Angel and Karen, please message us on Facebook with your address and your preference of color for one of our Large Bistro Bowls!

Keep checking the Fiesta Dinnerware Facebook page for news about our next contest. Until then, happy cooking!

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Fiesta Summer Tent Sale-2015

Today marks the first day of our Summer Tent Sale! Take a look at some of the action from Day 1:

The day started bright and early at 7 A.M. with free giveaways to the Tent Sale Campers and early birds. Prizes consisted of free T-shirts, as well as ware for those who caught the frisbees that were thrown.IMG_2780And here comes the line to the tent!

IMG_2804Check out the colorful views from inside the tent. Look at all of that Poppy; our 2015 Tent Sale debut color!



We’ve spotted some discontinued Flamingo!IMG_2828

Lapis Baking Bowls, anyone?IMG_2814

Don’t fret if the stacks are running low. We replenish stock every night!IMG_3463

More great finds at the 2015 Summer Tent Sale!

We’ve got a whole crate of Turquoise Latte Mugs, just for you coffee drinkers!

IMG_3459What will we have in store for tomorrow?





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A Fiesta Inspired Baby Shower


When it comes to throwing a celebration, we always have tableware covered. With 15 colors to choose from, the festive Fiesta color spectrum instantly becomes an integral part of the party decorations. This week’s blog post is all about throwing an intimate baby shower — with Fiesta front and center, of course.

We stuck to a color palette that was bright, bold and crisp. Lemongrass was the perfect color to make that statement and White serves as a clean accent color. Throw in a splashes of pink, Sunflower and gold and we were ready to start planning!


Fiesta Entertaining Tip: Always choose a color palette before you start getting into the details of planning any get-together. This will help you stay organized and visualize the overall look.


More and more baby showers are concentrating less on color coded gender parties and opting to reflect more upon the mom’s style. The theme doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the gender, unless that is the wish of the mom-to-be! We love this baby shower that Style Me Pretty covered. The mother-to-be was expecting a boy, yet the shower didn’t reflect the baby’s gender. Rather, it reflected her personal style and showed that hosts can break the rules by pampering the mom-to-be with a baby shower that celebrates her becoming a mother in different ways.

In the case of our Fiesta shower, we went full steam on the gender reveal by incorporating a touch of pink into this baby girl themed shower. We included a pink and white banner from Jules and Kenna to showcase the excitement of the baby’s gender.


One of the more recent baby shower trends is renting unique furniture for parties and events. This event decor idea was made popular with weddings, but the trend is now seen at many baby showers as well. Rental furniture certainly adds to the ambiance and overall theme of the baby shower. This Victorian-styled couch is in a soft pink color that fit perfectly with the color palette of Lemongrass and White—It felt ultra feminine.

We also rented all the chairs and tables from the Touched by Time Vintage Rentals. If you choose to host a baby shower at a unique venue or the venue doesn’t have seating, this is a great option, especially if you’d have to rent chairs and tables anyhow. We vote for fun furniture. It really adds that special something and the mommy-to-be will be so touched that her shower was especially unique.


Fiesta Entertaining Tips: Try and have at least two face-to-face conversations during the planning process for the baby shower with the soon-to-be mom. You want to make sure that she likes the general direction that you’re going in. Email and texting are great, but nothing beats seeing a smile in person. At the very least, a phone call will do.


For the tablescape (our favorite part!) we decided to forgo any bright colored flowers because we didn’t want to take away from the vibrant colors of the Fiesta Dinnerware. Instead we used soft greenery and white flowers down the center of the table. We loved the idea of the centerpieces draping off the sides of the table. This is where we added some pops of color and got a little extra creative.

Instead of using a traditional table cloth, we opted to use butcher paper. Not only is this an affordable option compared to the plastic throw away tablecloths, but we could draw on it. We first saw this idea on Pinterest from The Kitchn. They used it for Thanksgiving, but we adapted it for this occasion to show how versatile butcher paper is. We love the idea of adding unique touches in unexpected ways for guests.

We used a white chalk marker from art and craft store, Michael’s, to draw around the place setting as if creating a rounded placemat. This frames the place setting and gives it an extra special touch. We drew simple flowers and leaves, but feel free to get as elaborate as you would like!


Fiesta Entertaining Tip: For celebrations large or small, assigning seating is always a wonderful way to keep the conversation and the laughter flowing. Seating a talkative person next to someone who may be shy is a great way to make sure that everyone feels included.


What baby shower would be complete without a party favor? It wouldn’t be! For this shoot we showcased a unique, yet simple, idea that added a special touch and didn’t take much time or money to make. gave us the idea for fabric-covered lolipops as baby shower favors.

Just purchase a yard or two of fabric, a bag of lollipops and some ribbon to tie off the fabric. Once you have the bag of lollipops and know the size (we opted for an assortment of sizes) then you will know how much fabric you will need for each favor.


Cutting the fabric into squares is the best shape to ensure that the favor will be completely covered with fabric. Make sure that the square of fabric is larger than the lollipop, you want the entire piece of candy to be covered with a little bit of the fabric bunched together at the bottom. This allows you to tie the fabric together over the lollipop and allow it to stay secured.



We hope this styled shoot inspires you to include Fiesta Dinnerware in the next baby shower you host or any special event that includes family, friends and laughter.

Join us on Pinterest and Facebook for more tips and tricks on different ways to utilize your Fiesta Dinnerware. We created a special Fiesta baby shower Pinterest board here. Remember to use #SummerFiesta to share your summertime celebrations with us.

Don’t have Fiesta Dinnerware yet? Visit our website and take a look around.


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Factory Retail Outlet Tent Sale Q&A

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to think about what Fiesta items you’re wanting to add to your collection, and plan your trip to our Factory Retail Outlet Tent Sale! We know that there are a lot of questions surrounding our tent sale, such as what to bring, and what items are available to purchase. This year, we have compiled a list of the most asked questions by our customers, and we have researched the answers for you! Make sure to check out the questions below before heading to Newell for the Tent Sale!


A peek inside the tents, and what to expect.

What is the tent sale?
The tent sale is an event in which we sell our second quality Fiesta dinnerware at a discounted price.  We hold these sales twice a year at our Factory Retail Outlet in Newell, WV and Everything Fiesta in Sutton, WV.

What are seconds?
Seconds are Fiesta dinnerware items that have minor flaws in them, some you may not even notice.

What time does the tent sale start?
The June tent sale hours are June 15th – 17th 8am-7pm and the 18th 9am- 3pm. 

However, it is very common to have people lining up the night before.

How do I get to the tent sale?

The address for the tent sale is 6th and Harrison Street, Newell, WV 26050. Our address for Fiesta Drive does not register on a GPS.

If you are traveling from Ohio, it is easiest to take Route 11 or Route 7 to East Liverpool, cross the Newell Bridge (which is a toll bridge) into West Virginia. Turn right when exiting the bridge and continue one mile south on Route 2. The factory and tent sale will be on your right.

If you are traveling from Pennsylvania, take Route 30 West to West Virginia, take the Chester exit, turn left onto Route 2 South, and continue through Chester into Newell. The factory and tent sale will be on your right.

If you are traveling through West Virginia, take Route 2 North to Newell. The factory and tent sale should be on your left.


The Homer Laughlin China, Co. is located in the northern panhandle of WV.


Edited mapImages courtesy of Google

The overhead image above should help visitors with the layout of the property of Homer Laughlin.

Red box – This is the tent area, where the tent will be set up and shoppers will be flocking.
Blue line – This is the road that will lead you to the parking area and the tent.
Yellow line – Where we ask customers begin to line up.
Green box – This is your free parking area that we ask you to use.
Orange line – This is the way you would come if you are traveling through West Virginia.
Pink line – This is the way you would come if you are traveling from Ohio and Pennsylvania.

What time do people start waiting in line?
Each day is different; a few dedicated people even camp out all night. This year, people will be allowed to begin lining up at 7pm the night before at Clarke Athletic Field behind our factory to reserve their spot in line.


To help you plan your trip, it’s good to know that the morning is usually the busiest time in the tent each day, making the line to get into the tent longer in the morning than that afternoon, so plan accordingly!

How do I get a ticket and does it cost money?
Tickets are free, and will be passed out in the field when you arrive. We will start passing out tickets roughly an hour to an hour and a half before the sale starts. The tickets are to secure your place in line. If you arrive any time after the 8:30am start, you will still receive a ticket and enter the tent when your ticket number is called.


While in line you may go to the restroom or leave to get something to eat. It is your responsibility to be back in line and in the correct ticket number sequence before your number enters the tent. It’s important that you stay in ticket number sequence. If you are not at the tent when your number is called to enter the tent you must go to the rear of the line and get another ticket, starting that whole waiting process over again.

Tickets are not required for our Factory Retail Outlet.

Where do I park my car and how much does it cost?
All parking is free, and cars can be parked in Clarke Athletic Field near the tent. Due to parking in the field, we cannot guarantee that every parking spot will be handicap accessible, and the walk from the field to the tent is a little ways away, therefore, we do provide shuttle vans to assist all customers to and from their cars free of charge.

Where can I get a price list?
Price lists will be handed out while you are in line. There will also be price lists hanging up throughout the tent. Expect to see a wide variety of Fiesta items discounted at 30% to 50% off.

Will you publish the price list online?
Unfortunately, no. Price lists will be handed out while you are in line.

What are the prices like?
The prices can be up to 50% off normal seconds prices. We listed a few examples below.

A dinner plate will cost $2.25 in the tent and $4.00 in the normal seconds room.
A mug will cost $2.10 in the tent and $3.50 in the normal seconds room.
A large disc pitcher will cost $5.00 in the tent and $8.25 in the normal seconds room.

These are deals you can’t pass up!

What colors will be in the tent?
The color selection will vary each day. You might even be lucky enough to find some discontinued colors, such as Paprika and Plum. New colors have to be available for a year before they are released in seconds. Claret is the newest color to be released in seconds, and will be available at this tent sale. Sorry folks, Daffodil will not make their tent sale debut until next year, but will be available in first quality for 15% off in our Factory Retail Outlet.


What items will be in the tent?
The item selection will vary each day. New items have to be available for a year before they are released in seconds. Place settings will not be available in the tent, but will remain available in our Retail Outlet.

If you are hoping to purchase broken ware to create a colorful Fiesta mosaic…sorry! We are unable to sell you any broken pieces due to liabilities.

How are the items sold?
Every item is sold individually (unless you find a matching lid). Even items that are typically sold in a set will be sold individually, such as a sugar and creamer tray set or extra large butter dish.

Do I need to get there on the first day to get the best item/color selection?
We restock the tent every night. Therefore, each day there are new items and surprises waiting for you! If we only have a few pieces of an item we try to limit the amount you can purchase to give everyone a chance!

Do I need to get there early to get the best item/color selection?
Trust us, we will not run out of ware!  The tent will always have a good stock of plates, bowls, and mugs no matter what time you get there. Getting there early will give you an advantage if we only have one bin of a certain item.  However, if we only have a few pieces of an item we try to limit the amount you can purchase to just a few to give everyone a chance!

Will the Hall China Tent be there this year?
No, their tent will not be available this year. However, their store, The Hall Closet, is not far from our factory. Their store is located across the Ohio River in East Liverpool, Ohio. The address to The Hall Closet is 1 Anna St, East Liverpool, OH, 43920, and their hours are Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm, and Saturday 9am – 3pm.

What happens if I return home and discover an item wasn’t packed or I want to exchange a purchased item?
Make sure to watch your items as they are being packed. Sometimes our packers work so quickly that they miss packing an item. All of our sales on second quality items are final, regardless of whether it is during the tent sale or not. Therefore, if an item is unfortunately left behind or what you no longer desire, we are unable to refund or exchange the item. Also, make sure to check if your cashier or packer has put stoppers in your salt and pepper shakers, cheeseshakers, and toothbrush holders. Make sure that your soap/lotion dispensers are given a pump too!

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and cash. We do not accept American Express or checks.

If you are paying with a credit card please have your ID ready.

What do I need to bring?
We will be providing shopping carts for your shopping convenience, so you no longer need to bring dollies to carry your ware. 

There is a good chance the ware will be a little dirty. Therefore, we highly recommend bringing a rag or a sock to wipe off the factory dirt and dust from the dishes.

…and of course we recommend you bring a friend!

Bring a sock or rag to wipe your dishes!


Can I bring my child with me?
Due to safety reasons, no children under the age of 16 are permitted in the tent.

What if my child is in a car seat or if I’m holding them?
Due to safety reasons, no children under the age of 16 are permitted in the tent.

What happens if it rains?
The show must go on! The sale will happen come rain or shine. However, if there is lightning and thunder, we will evacuate the tent until the weather has cleared and it has been deemed safe to continue. If this does happen, there is always the possibility to check out our first quality items and specials in our Factory Retail Outlet.

How do I get the ware I bought to my car at the Factory’s tent sale?
You may take your vehicle down to the tent area to load, however if you are going into the store or back into the tent, you must take your vehicle back to the parking area. Please note, traffic is one way only at the Factory Retail Outlet. When leaving the loading area you must exit in the opposite direction of how you came to the loading area. You cannot go back the way you came.

Shuttle vans are provided free of charge by the company for your convenience at the Factory Retail Outlet to take your boxes of Fiesta to your car. We suggest you take advantage of these vans because you will not be able to take the company’s dollies beyond the loading area.

Will the Factory Retail Outlet Store be open during the tent sale?
Yes, they will be open the same hours as the tent sale and you do not need a ticket to get in. Make sure you stop in because the first quality Fiesta will be on sale!

We will also have Slate and Sage available for sale in the store!

Are Factory Tours available during the tent sale?
Unfortunately, we will not have any tours during the tent sale. If you are sticking around the area after the tent sale, tours will begin again on June 23rd, so call the outlet store ahead of time to make sure you reserve a spot!

Will the second’s room in the Factory Retail Outlet be open?
No, all of our seconds will be under the tent.

What do you do with the ware left over after the sale?
If there is a lot of ware left after the sale we will leave it in the parking lot for customers to shop from. Everything else will go back into the second’s room the following day.

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DIY Father’s Day Edition

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and this year, we want to show dad just how much we appreciate him. Nothing shows your dad how much you care like homemade, DIY gifts. Now, we’re not talking homemade cards that we would make in our elementary days; although, your dad probably has a pile of them stashed away to look at from time to time. We’re talking about quick and simple gifts that dads of all ages can and will enjoy, and that we enjoyed making ourselves. So, put away those markers, crayons, and construction paper, and break out the glue guns and scissors; it’s time to channel our inner ten year old and get to crafting!

The first gift that we will be making for dad is the perfect sweet treat that is sure to satisfy any chocolate craving; a bouquet of your dads favorite candy. We found that the perfect piece to display this bouquet is in our Fiesta® utensil crock, which dad can then use to store nuts and bolts in the garage. What you will need for this gift is:

-A foam ball

-A hot glue gun

-Wooden rods

-Candy bars

Bouquet SuppliesTo start, take the hot glue gun and glue the wooden rods halfway up the back of each candy bar, pressing gently to secure the rods to the wrapper.

Glue gun

Once the glue has dried and the rods are secure, place the foam ball into the Fiesta® utensil crock, and firmly press one of the glued rods into the middle of the foam ball. You may want to cut about an inch and a half off of the rods so that they sit lower in the utensil crock. Continue to place the rods into the foam, strategically surrounding the first rod, making sure to press them all the way to the bottom of the foam.


To finish up this DIY project, fill the remaining space in your Fiesta® utensil crock with pieces of your dad’s favorite bite-sized candy. We chose white chocolate peanut butter cups and chocolate covered caramels. To add another simple touch, chose some ribbon in a pattern that complements the utensil crock, cut it to the proper length, tie it in a simple knot, and watch your dad’s eyes light up as you hand over this sweet treat.

Finished Bouquet

If your dad is more into something sweet and salty, we have just the gift for him! This simple gift can be completed in just a few short steps. What you will need for this gift is:


                -Bite-sized candies


It’s really that simple. For this gift we used our Fiesta® Latte Mug and our 16 ounce Tervis Sunny Dots Fiesta® Tumbler as containers for the peanuts and your dad’s favorite bite-sized candies. Alternating between peanuts and chocolate covered candy, pour layers of each into both the Latte Mug and tumbler.

Finished Latter

Once you have filled both to the brim, dress them up by adding a creative cutout saying “Dad’s Stache.” This gift will leave your dad snacking all day long.

Our next Father’s Day gift is one that we think would be a hit with dads everywhere: shot glasses. These are not just your run-of-the-mill shot glasses, though. We have transformed the timeless Fiesta® AD Demitasse Cup into a shot glass. Pair a few cups with your dad’s favorite liquor and you’re sure to have a winner.

Shot Glasses

Last, but certainly not least, is another gift that is an all-time favorite: a platter of your dad’s favorite cookies. For this gift we used a Fiesta® Medium Oval Platter to display our cookies. We baked the classics for our dads this Father’s Day: chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. How can you go wrong with those? However, if these are not your dad’s favorite, feel free to substitute them for his go-to’s.


If these gifts don’t seem to suit your dad, check out some of our Fiesta® Hacks for other gift ideas that are sure to please dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Homer Laughlin China Company Through the Years

Homer and Shakespeare

Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin, two brothers from East Liverpool, Ohio, formed a partnership in 1871 to sell pottery ware, which was made in the factories located in their hometown.

The pottery industry in East Liverpool had begun in the 1840’s, manufacturing yellow ware from the rich deposits of local clay and utilizing the Ohio River to transport their products throughout the region. By 1870, public preference was shifting from the relatively crude yellow ware to a more sophisticated white ware that was being imported from England. Local potters saw the need for change and the East Liverpool City Council offered $5,000 in seed money to someone who would build and operate a pottery for the production of white ware.

Homer Laughlin

Homer Laughlin

The Laughlin Brothers submitted a proposal which was accepted by the Council and a twokiln plant was built on the banks of the Ohio River in 1873. The plant was built on land purchased from Benjamin Harker for $300. Mr. Harker’s pottery was located next door.

The Laughlin Brothers quickly gained a reputation for quality and, in 1876, their white granite ware won an award at the United States Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.

By 1877, Shakespeare, the younger brother, was ready to move on to pursue other interests. The business was continued as an individual enterprise as the Homer Laughlin China Works. The business continued to prosper through the 1880’s and became one of the better known manufacturers of ceramic dinnerware and toilet ware in the United States.

The Wells & Aaron Families

In 1889, a young bookkeeper from Steubenville, Ohio, William Edwin Wells, answered a classified newspaper advertisement and was hired to manage the books of the growing establishment. In a very short time, Mr. Wells was managing the business and Mr. Laughlin was able to spend time traveling with his wife.

By 1897, Homer Laughlin had decided to retire to California where his son had just graduated from Stanford University. He offered to sell the business to Mr. Wells and a financial partner, Louis I. Aaron of Pittsburgh. The sale was consummated on December 7, 1897.

W.E. Wells

W.E. Wells

With new ownership came accelerated growth. Within two years, a second plant was built in the East End of East Liverpool, expanding further to three East End plants by 1903. Key customers contributing to the company’s rapid growth included the F. W. Woolworth Company, the country’s fastest growing variety (5 & 10 cent) store chain, and the American Cereal Company of Chicago, who was packing oatmeal bowls in Mother’s Oats boxes as fast as Homer Laughlin could produce them.

The Move to Newell, WV

The partners saw the need for further expansion but there was no more room at the East End location. In 1902, a tract of land on the opposite side of the Ohio River was purchased from the Newell family. A subsidiary company, the North American Manufacturing Company was formed to develop the town, which would become Newell, West Virginia. Building lots were laid out, a water and sewer system was installed, and electric power was secured. A suspension bridge was built across the Ohio River, connecting the new community with East Liverpool and a trolley line was built to transport pottery workers across the river. During 1905 and 1906, the company constructed plant #4, which at that time, was the largest pottery plant ever built in the entire world. Homer Laughlin now had a combined production capacity of 300,000 pieces of ware per day (10% of the U. S. production capacity). The company’s headquarters were moved to the Newell location at the beginning of 1907.

A current look at the Main Office building of HLC.

A current look at the Main Office building of HLC.

The 1910’s

In 1911, Louis Aaron retired and was succeeded as president of Homer Laughlin by his son, Marcus Aaron. Rapid growth continued and, in 1914, plant #5 was opened with 16 additional kilns, giving the company a total of 78 ware kilns and 60 decorating kilns.

In January, 1917, W. E. Wells wrote to the Woolworth Company to recap their business for the year of 1916. He stated “I think that I may safely say that this is the first time in history that the purchases of any one concern from any one pottery firm have reached the million (dollar) mark in one year”. At an average price of 72 cents per dozen, that amounted to 16.7 million pieces of ware sold to one customer in one year.

The 1920’s

The early 1920’s marked the beginning of the most revolutionary change that had ever hit the pottery industry. Until that time, a pottery’s size was measured by the number of ware kilns that it possessed. Intermittent bottle kilns had a limited production capacity due to the length of time that it took to load the kiln, brick up the doorway, fire the kiln and bring it up to the desired temperature, fire the ware for the desired length of time, then cool the kiln, reopen the doorway and, after cooling, empty the kiln by hand. All of this required more than a week to fire a limited amount of ware. The only way that a pottery could increase it’s capacity was to build more kilns.

In the early 1920’s, continuous firing tunnel kilns were introduced to the industry. These kilns maintained their full firing temperatures constantly while cars entered one end, one after another and, three days later, fired ware exited the other end
of the kiln. This was a revolutionary change in production time and the potteries with the financial resources rushed to build these new kilns. Firms without the resources would soon whither and die.

One of the firing tunnel kilns used to speed up production.

In 1923, Homer Laughlin announced that they would build yet another new plant, this time with tunnel kilns. Plant #6 fired it’s first kiln in 1924. At about this same time, the intermittent kilns at plants 4 & 5 were replaced with tunnel kilns. In 1927, plant #7, equal in size to plant 6, was opened.

It was decided that it would not be practical to remodel the old plants in the East End and they were phased out in favor of the largest Laughlin plant yet. Plant #8 opened in December, 1929 with 800 employees in that plant alone. Initially, all of plant #8 production was allocated to make ware for Woolworth’s. Total capacity was now equal to 160 upright kilns.

The 1930’s & 1940’s

Almost coincidental with the opening of the last great Newell plant was the retirement of W. E. Wells in January, 1930. He was replaced as general manager by his eldest son, Joseph M. Wells, Sr.

The company had hired Frederick Hurten Rhead as design director in 1927, a post which he would hold until his death in 1942. Rhead’s 15 year reign proved to be the most prolific period of new product introductions in the company’s history. Rhead designed Virginia Rose as well as the several Eggshell shapes. Rhead’s most famous accomplishment, however, was Fiesta.
Marcus Aaron retired as president of the company in 1940 and was succeeded by his son, Marcus Lester Aaron. M. L. Aaron would serve as president for the next forty-eight years.

With Fiesta leading the way, The Homer Laughlin China Company continued to flourish until the onset of World War II. During the war years, much of the company’s production was shifted to the production of china for our armed forces. After the war, production returned to normal and the company reached it’s peak production year in 1948. More than 3,000 workers were employed to produce over ten million dozen pieces of ware.

A few of the many employees to keep Homer Laughlin up and running.

A few of the many employees to keep Homer Laughlin up and running.

The 3rd Generation Reign from 1950’s—1990’s

The 1950’s saw a large increase in imported dinnerware which was produced in countries with very low labor costs. This competition took it’s toll on the American industry and many potteries did not survive the decade. Homer Laughlin’s management decided to shift their emphasis from consumer dinnerware to commercial ware for the hotel and restaurant trade.
1959 saw the introduction of Homer Laughlin’s “Best China” brand vitrified hotel china.

J. M. Wells, Sr. retired at the end of that year, turning over the management of the company to the third generation of his family in the person of Joe Wells, Jr.

A view of the Homer Laughlin China Company in its entirety from Ohio.

A view of the Homer Laughlin China Company in its entirety from Ohio.

The sixties and seventies were difficult years for the American pottery industry, with low-cost imports carving out market share in the retail markets at the expense of domestic companies. Homer Laughlin’s hotel ware was gradually becoming a prominent player in the foodservice china industry, eventually overtaking retail dinnerware in sales volume.

In the early eighties, the company began to produce lead-free china, something that would become very important as the country became more environmentally conscious. Using lead-free glazes and a vitrified china body, Fiesta was reintroduced in new and updated colors. As this new version of their most famous product was being launched, Joe Wells, Jr. retired in 1986 and was replaced as executive vice president by his son, Joe Wells III. At the end of 1988, M. L. Aaron retired as company president and was succeeded by his son, Marcus (Pete) Aaron II. The company was now in the hands of the fourth generation of each family.

The New Century and New Life for HLC

As Fiesta began to flourish in the retail sector and Homer Laughlin was becoming a leading force in the foodservice china industry, the aging factories were undergoing many changes.
State-of-the-art computerized kilns were installed throughout plants 6, 7 and 8. Much-needed new forming and glazing equipment was installed and a self-contained “plant within a plant” was built at Plant #8. Homer Laughlin was preparing to enter the new millennium as the industry leader in both the foodservice and retail businesses.

By 2002, ownership of the company was shared by third, fourth and fifth generation members of the Wells and Aaron families and others. Many of the shareholders were scattered throughout the country and had little involvement with the business. In an effort to consolidate resources and provide improved direction for the company, Joe Wells III, together with his sisters, Jean Wicks and Elizabeth McIlvain, purchased the interests of the other stockholders. In June, 2002, Joe Wells III was elected president and chief executive officer. After serving for a decade, Joe stepped down and his sister Liz McIlvain took over as president in 2012. Her position marks the first woman president in the company’s history, as well as the first time the presidency was passed between siblings instead of from father to son.

The current president of HLC, Liz McIlvain.

The current president of HLC, Liz McIlvain.

Since the re-organization, the company has experienced continued growth and is poised to move forward with the Wells Family’s pledge to continue producing quality, Americanmade china and provide jobs for potters of the Ohio Valley.

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#SummerFiesta Challenge…Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard

Fiesta Tent Sale, before the crowds.

Fiesta Tent Sale, before the crowds.

The Fiesta Tent Sale is a popular prepared to wait in line!

The Fiesta Tent Sale is a popular event…be prepared to wait in line!

Don’t forget to bring a towel or (Fiesta Tent Sale insider tip) put a sock on your hand to wipe down dust from the factory.

Don’t forget to bring a towel or (Fiesta Tent Sale insider tip) put a sock on your hand to wipe down dust from the factory.

At Fiesta Dinnerware, we’re always up for a challenge. So we’re challenging ourselves and you, our faithful Fiesta fans, to a series of summer resolutions. We’re not talking about the standard types of resolutions like losing weight, these resolutions will be fun!

For the month of June, we challenge you to make a summer resolution to “be a tourist in your own backyard.” Be sure to follow along with #SummerFiesta to read all about our adventures this summer. And post your adventures too, using the same hashtag. We can’t wait to see where your #SummerFiesta takes you!

Since our first resolution involves being a tourist in our own backyard, it’s just in time for the next Fiesta Tent Sale. So if you happen to be in our backyard or coming into town for the tent sale, we’ve created a fun list of places to go and things to do, just like a true tourist.

A Tourist’s Guide to the Fiesta Tent Sale

The Fiesta Tent Sale will be held June 18-21 and is at the home of Fiesta – the Homer Laughlin China Company in Newell, West Virginia. For some, that means a quick jaunt across the Ohio River. For others, it might mean traveling through several states to get there.

Either way, the tent sale is a unique experience. Aside from grabbing some great bargains on your favorite dinnerware, you might as well make a vacation out of it and enjoy all there is to offer in the beautiful region surrounding the factory.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tourist destinations in a tried and true travel guide. There’s literally something for everyone!

When you visit the Fiesta Tent Sale, why not take some time to see the local sites? Laurel Caverns is a must see for nature lovers.

Photo courtesy

For Nature Lovers

  • Tomlinson Run State Park– New Manchester, WV
    Enjoy nature in a couple of different ways; either wilderness in its original state or more recreationally with boating, miniature golf, swimming, and a campground.
  • Beaver Creek State Park– East  Liverpool, Ohio
    Wildlife and history all rolled into one; explore Gaston’s Mill, pioneer village and abandoned canal locks while you’re here.
  • Hocking Hills State Park – Logan, Ohio
    Waterfalls, caves, ziplining, stunning views. Do we need to say more?
  • Blackwater Falls– Davis, WV
    A five story high waterfall that travels through an eight-mile long gorge. Gorgeous!
  • Beech Creek Botanical Gardens– Alliance, Ohio
    Butterfly house conveniently opens June 22…perfect timing.
  • Oglebay Resort – Wheeling, WV
    1,700-acre resort and lodge that has golf, dining, shopping, gardens, museums, and even a zoo on its grounds.
  • Laurel Caverns Park– Hopwood, PA
    Home to Pennsylvania’s largest cave, there are over three miles of passages to explore.
When you visit the Fiesta Tent Sale in Newell, WV, why not take some time to see the local sites? Spread Eagle Tavern is a must see for history lovers and foodies.

Photo courtesy

For Foodies

  • Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn– Hanoverton, Ohio
    Experience fine dining surrounded by Federal Period architecture; built in 1837!
  • Church Brew Works – Pittsburgh, PA
    This former church is now a local brewery and foodie spot.
  • Salt of the Earth– Pittsburgh, PA
    Modern American dining with communal tables, locally sourced.

For Antiquing & Shopping Enthusiasts

  • Pottery City Antique Mall– East Liverpool, Ohio
    Antiques galore! You might get lucky and find some vintage Fiesta.
  • Roger’s Sale/Flea Market– Rogers, Ohio
    Voted “The Best Flea Market in Ohio”, it’s the largest open air market, featuring more than 1,600 vendors.
  • Centre Market – Wheeling, WV
    Built in 1853, an eclectic mix of shops and dining.
  • Amish Country– Millersburg, Ohio
    Explore the unique culture of the Amish in central Ohio.
  • Tanger Outlets – Washington, PA
    An open-air outlet mall that’s any outlet shopper’s dream.
When you visit the Fiesta Tent Sale in Newell, WV, why not take some time to see the local sites? The Museum of Ceramics is a must see for history lovers.

Photo courtesy Wikipedia.

For History Buffs

  • Homer Laughlin China Company Factory Tour– Newell, WV
    Be sure to check dates because tours are not available during the dates of the tent sale. If you’re in the area for an extended stay, we invite you to stop by for the behind-the-scenes inside scoop.
  • The Museum of Ceramics– East Liverpool, Ohio
    Thousands of examples of pottery created in and around East Liverpool.
  • The Hall Closet, Hall China Factory– East Liverpool, Ohio
    Founded in 1903, Hall China is the largest manufacturer of specialty dinnerware. It recently joined Homer Laughlin under the HLC Inc. umbrella. Behind-the-scenes factory tours are available between 8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. You must have a reservation in advance. Call 330.385.2900 ext 2147 to RSVP or for more information.
  • Grave Creek Mound – Moundsville, Ohio
    Built more than 1,000 years ago by the prehistoric Adena Native Americans, it’s nearly 62 feet high and 240 feet wide. It’s one of the largest mortuary mounds anywhere in the world.
When you visit the Fiesta Tent Sale in Newell, WV, why not take some time to see the local sites? Falling Water is a must see for history and architecture lovers.

Photo courtesy

For Pop Culture Fans

  • Falling Water– Mill Run, PA
    Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous work melding nature and architecture.
  • Kentuck Knob – Chalk Hill, PA
    Very close to Falling Water, this is another Frank Lloyd Wright house located in the Laurel Highlands.
  • Andy Warhol Museum – Pittsburgh, PA
    An extensive collection of the Pittsburgh-born pop art icon, this is the largest museum in the country dedicated to a single artist. Did you know he was a Fiesta enthusiast?
  • The World’s Largest Teapot– Chester, WV
    How often do you get to see something like this? Count us in!
  • Hilltop Drive-In Theater– Chester, WV
    Drive-in theaters are as rare as Medium Green Fiesta. We’re lucky to have this retro gem in our area.
When you visit the Fiesta Tent Sale in Newell, WV, why not take some time to see the local sites? Mountaineer is a must see for gaming lovers.

Photo courtesy

For Those Who Love Gaming

When you visit the Fiesta Tent Sale in Newell, WV, why not take some time to see the local sites? The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is a must see for ghost hunters.

Photo courtesy

For Ghost Hunters

  • Mothman – Point Pleasant, WV
    Made popular by the book and movie starring Richard Gere, you can now experience a Mothman Festival and museum to keep this ghost story alive.
  • Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – Weston, WV
    Day and nighttime tours. Even stay here overnight…if you dare!

For more tourist attractions, please visit the following websites:,, Visit the Fiesta Dinnerware Pinterest board for more, too!

*If it’s your first time at the tent sale, be sure to check out this article from our friends at The Charleston Daily News, “6 Tips for a Fiesta Tent Sale First-Timer.” 


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