Serving Style: The story behind the Fiesta® Beverage Server

Fiesta Beverage Server From birthday parties to backyard barbeques, every celebration feels a little more special when decked out with festive dishes.  Pretty platters piled high with sweet treats and great bowls filled with savory eats – stacks of colorful dinnerware lining the table can be just as beautiful as the rest of the décor.  This focus on entertaining and the presentation of fare is the inspiration behind several new Fiesta® items that have launched over the last few years, among them the gorgeous Fiesta® Beverage Server   

   As an important element of any gathering, beverages should be front and center, allowing guests to quench their thirst with ease.  But all too often, the party’s drinks are neglected, relegated to an old cooler or stuffed in the fridge.  The Fiesta Beverage Server addresses this issue by elevating refreshments in a beautiful canister, worthy of display. 

Fiesta Beverage Server Buffet

   The perfect complement to your existing Fiesta table-scape, the Beverage Server fuses the practicality and visibility offered by a tall glass jar with the classic design elements of our iconic dinnerware incorporated through the base and lid.  This concept was implemented by The Homer Laughlin China Company’s Design Department after nearly three years of experimenting.  According to Rich Brinkman, VP of Retail Sales and Marketing, the early renditions resembled a large Fiesta canister with a spout, but this version was far too heavy to be practical.  After reconsidering the design, the final version boasts a two gallon hand-blown glass cylinder, a lighter and more affordable alternative. 

   Punctuated with a chrome finished spout, the glass cylinder is perched atop a classic Fiesta base that, according to Brinkman, “was inspired by the Art Deco design of the Hostess Bowl,” an item that was originally intended to be turned upside-down for use as a base for pillar candles.  Completing the Beverage Server is a lovely domed lid featuring the quintessential fluted Fiesta knob.  According to Ed Wonder, Director of Design at The Homer Laughlin China Company, the lid was one of the more challenging elements of the design, having been remodeled three times to account for potential deviations in the glass cylinder in order to ensure the best possible fit.  The lengthy experimentation paid off, however, even leading to the development of a new manufacturing process which can be used to produce other lids by way of jiggering – a more efficient and cost effective alternative to casting.  

   In the year since it has been released, the Fiesta Beverage Server has gained lust-worthy status as the gift to give (and use) on special occasions and with barbeque season just around the corner, this stylish server is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!  

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