Get Festive Fast for Cinco De Mayo

Get Festive fast for Cinco De Mayo!

Where there is a fiesta, there is Fiesta (or at least there should be!) and Cinco De Mayo is one of the best excuses to bring out your favorite pieces and let your imagination run wild. Since this year’s festivities fall on a Tuesday, we are giving you some quick tips to turn up the heat in a hurry.

Dress up any table with the following goodies, crafts and recipes for instant fun at the office or at home.

Fiesta for One: Single Serve 7 Layer Bean Dip

This is love in a cup. There are a few recipes for this creamy delight on Pinterest, but our favorite is from Taste of Home’s April issue.

We used mason jars to keep our table looking Fiesta chic while allowing those pretty layered colors of pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole and more to peek through.

fiesta2 fiesta1 Get Festive fast for Cinco De Mayo!


This Mexican cocktail is mariachi music to your taste buds and a sure fire way to impress guests with your drink savviness. Like the margarita, there are many versions to play with, but unlike the margarita, this beverage uses light beer. So feel free to indulge in this cocktail since it’s lighter on the calorie side. Ole!

Get Festive fast for Cinco De Mayo!

Get Festive fast for Cinco De Mayo!

Mexican candy

Mexican candy is one of the easiest ways to dress up your favorite treat dish or Fiesta 3 Tier Server. We went with our Fiesta Dinnerware Scarlet as a backdrop for the bursts of yellow, greens, and blues in the candy wrapping. The fun thing about Mexican candy is the surprise tastes. A little fair warning: these are not for the mild salsa eaters – much of the candy is extremely tart, salty and only slightly fruity.

You can find these treats at a few major supermarkets or local specialty stores. Not in your city? Try Amazon.
Cake in a Cup

fiesta4 cake2 Get Festive fast for Cinco De Mayo!

Get Festive fast for Cinco De Mayo!

For the love of churros, this is the best cake you can cook in the microwave. Many Mexican sweet breads and cakes include cinnamon, chocolate and extra fluffiness and this cake recipe is all of that wrapped into one sweet minute. Our favorite how-to for this treat is from blogger Five Heart Home. Stick a churro on top in place of a cinnamon stick to really celebrate the hispanic holiday.

Fiesta Fan & Flower Wall  

Create a festive wall using Mexican party favors, garlands and fresh flowers. We ran to the nearest party favor store and grabbed Mexican fans. Instead of using them as garlands or runners, we actually placed them on the wall with washi tape for a colorful backdrop. Then we picked a few wildflowers from the front yard and intermixed the florals with the fans for a truly beautiful look.

Get Festive Fast: Cinco De Mayo
Turn up the volume on your mariachi Spotify playlist and have a Fiesta!

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