Fiesta Hacks: Bathroom Edition

In our first post on Fiesta Hacks we showed you how to introduce the vivid colors and classic shapes of Fiesta® dinnerware into your home in some pretty unique ways.  From a toothbrush holder vase to egg tray paint palettes we wanted to add a dash of Fiesta to the unexpected and encourage you to do the same.

This time we’re coming to you with a very special series of hacks, all taking place in one of the most heavily used (and often neglected) rooms of the house: the bathroom.  

Fiesta Bathroom

This is the space where we go to get clean and polished, yet many times the bathroom can fall into a state of chaos, cluttered with outdated knickknacks and expired products. These simple solutions will help you breathe new life into your bathroom with an injection of bright, bold Fiesta dinnerware. 

Fiesta Bathroom Sink

Simplify your Sink

There’s no need to pile products onto your sink surround.  Clear the countertop clutter and you will be rewarded with a soothing backdrop for soaps and an easy space to clean.  

Our picks for a perfectly polished setup:  the colorful Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder, and Soap Dish

Fiesta Bathroom Commode

Clean up the Commode

Let’s talk toilettes.  As far as we’re concerned, the best ones are always clean and well stocked.  Keep the essential supplies within easy reach by displaying in eye-catching Fiesta dishes.  

Fiesta Tank

Load a Bread Tray up with fragrant staples like room spray and a candle and perch the platter on top of your tank. A spare roll of paper is another welcome addition.

For extra credit, stow your toilette brush in a colorful container.  Ours is housed in a Poppy Medium Canister.

Fiesta Brush Holder

Fiesta Bathroom Window

Organize the Essentials

Bathroom shelves deserve love too!  No matter what your grooming routine consists of, Fiesta has got a vessel to contain it.  

Fiesta Bathroom Beauty

Corral your creams with a Fiesta Bread Tray.  The intense dose of color and structured profile can unify a mixed lot of bottles and tubes.  The high sides of a Loaf Pan will also do the trick. 

Fiesta Essentials

Stock up on cotton balls and swabs.  The Utility Jar is the perfect size for a supply of either of the soft white staples.  Another great pick is the Sugar Packet Caddy which holds cotton swabs upright and at the ready. 

Fiesta Vanity Top

Up the Style of your Vanity

We love collecting colorful cosmetics.  Be it cream or powder, those little gems can breathe life into your complexion and add a sparkle to your eyes.  Return the favor by displaying your beauty booty in cheerful Fiesta dishes.  

The flat, rectangular design of the Sugar Packet Caddy is perfect for holding tubes of lipstick, nail polish, or small cases of eye shadow.  

For larger items, reach for the exotic fan shape of the Omni Tray which will really make a statement if two or more are joined in a circular or snake-like assemblage.  

Fiesta Vanity

And who could forget the brushes?!  Round up your long-legged tools with the help of our curvy Tumbler.  You’ll be surprised at just how many you can squeeze in!

Fiesta Vanity Jewelery

Elevate your Baubles to a Display Worthy of their Splendor

The Three Tier Serving Tray is not just for petit fours.  This elegant space-saver is just as comfortable perched on your vanity.  Fill up the spacious plates with your favorite jewelry for a stunning display.  


Of course, these are just a few of the possible ways to integrate the cheerful good looks of Fiesta into your everyday routine.  How do you use Fiesta?

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