Mother’s Day DIY

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we are bombarded with gift suggestions for mom, from what necklace she’s dying to have, to which chocolates will make you her favorite child. However, we admit that we’re a bit nostalgic of the early school days when anything that was handmade, from the gluey macaroni picture, to the scribbled card, was the perfect gift for mom. It turns out, mothers of all ages still appreciate the gifts that aren’t just hastily bought online, but that require you to put your time and love into them. That’s why for this Mother’s Day, we’re channeling our inner 7 year old, and crafting for mom for her special day. Don’t worry; you can keep the macaroni noodles in the pantry.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, we will be making paper flowers for mom (a DIY adapted from Capitol Romance), which are just as bright and colorful as real flowers, and she can keep them as long as she wants. Along with our faux flowers, we are including a Medium Vase as part of our gift, to display the buds we worked so hard on. What you will need for this craft is:

            -Colored paper






To begin, take 3 squares of paper and fold them into triangles, much how like creating paper snowflakes. Hold the triangle by the opening angle and cut into a pedal shape. Next, cut a tiny opening at the bottom of the pedal. This will allow your paper flowers to be strung onto their stems. Repeat this process for the other two paper triangles so that you have three folded pedal shapes.


When you unfold each pedal, it willresemble a flower. Next, cut out one pedal from the first flower, two pedals from the second, and three pedals from the third. Fold/roll each of these into cone shapes, and glue to secure.


After you have your flower cones, take one of your wires and fold it loosely in half. Then string one of the beads through the wire so that it comes to rest in the middle of the wire. Twist the wire under the bead to ensure it stays in position. This will also make sure that the pedals stay put on the wire.


Now it’s time to string your cone shapes onto the wire. Start with the smallest (the cone made of one pedal) and continue through to the biggest, adding dabs of glue to secure their place.


You might also want to fold the ends of the pedals down on the three larger flowers to achieve a more blossoming look. When you’ve successfully added each cone shape onto the wire, step back and admire your handiwork! 



When you’ve made enough, transfer your bouquet into our Medium Vase. Add some ribbon to complete the look and watch mom fall in love with these fantastic faux flowers! 


If paper flowers aren’t your thing, check out our blog on how to make Teacup Candles– another DIY that mom is sure to love. And if you’re too pressed for time to craft, giving mom a Medium Heart Bowl full of Hershey’s kisses is another mom approved Mother’s Day gift to show your love.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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