Introducing Scented Fiesta® Dinnerware

Scented Dinnerware by Fiesta

The Homer Laughlin China Company™ is pleased to announce the introduction of scented dinnerware to the popular Fiesta® dinnerware line.  Well known for its bright and cheerful colors, the Fiesta line will be the first in tabletop ceramics to harness the power of scent.

     With a color palette reminiscent of a rainbow, the Fiesta line is already a treat for the senses.  Adding fragrance to the mix was a natural next step for the brand, allowing for an overall sensory experience for users.  

     “With color names like Tangerine and Poppy, it was only a matter of time before we started integrating the Ceramiscent technology into our dishes,” says Sales Manager Jane Doe.  Ceramiscent, a revolutionary advancement in fragrance technology, was originally developed to freshen bathroom ceramics in spas across Europe.  The Homer Laughlin China Company is the first tabletop manufacturer to adapt the technology for dinnerware use.  

     What sets Fiesta dinnerware’s scented ceramics apart is the use of organic fragrance compounds which are completely food safe and non-toxic, a necessity for the manufacturer of healthy dinnerware.  Each of the fifteen Fiesta scents was meticulously chosen to coordinate with its color namesake.  “Pairing scents with colors like Tangerine and Plum was easy, but deciding what Scarlet would smell like was much more involved,” says Doe.  

     The scented items will hit store shelves next month and are expected to sell quickly.



Lapis Lemongrass Paprika Plum Poppy Sage Scarlet Shamrock Slate Sunflower Tangerine Turquoise White  

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