Bright, Bold Easter Eggs

Fiesta Egg RingWhile we love the faded pinks and purples of traditional Easter pastels, here at Fiesta® headquarters we can’t help but go bold when we add color to our festivities.  A simple way to punch up the color at your Easter celebration is in the form of a very traditional, very delicious holiday staple: the Easter Egg.  

Egg Dying IngredientsTo achieve intensely vivid Easter eggs we used food coloring from a box of standard food colors (red, blue, green, yellow) and a box of neon colors.  

For each egg combine 1 cup of just boiled water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in a Fiesta® mug.  

Add in the appropriate amount of dye (listed below) and stir.  


  • 10 drops of neon pink
  • 1 drop of neon purple
  • 2 drops of red


  • 20 drops of yellow
  • 5 drops of red


  • 15 drops of yellow
  • 2 drops of neon green


  • 20 drops of neon green
  • 2 drops of neon blue
  • 1 drop of green


  • 6 drops of neon blue
  • 1 drop of blue

Dipping Fiesta Eggs

Carefully place one egg in the dye mixture and allow to soak for 15 minutes, turning once halfway through. 

The dye mixture will only cover one egg at a time.  If you plan on reusing the dye, let the second egg soak for about 5 minutes longer. 

Fiesta Eggs Drying

Remove eggs from the dye and dry on a baking rack or on a cardboard box with 1-1/4″ holes cut in it.  We made ours from Fiesta packaging!

Fiesta Eggs Scattered

Once you have achieved beautifully bright eggs, why not go a step further?  We adapted the concept of coloring book illustrations to help us customize our eggs.  

Fiesta Easter Eggs vTo adorn your eggs with colorful Fiesta items, first print out our Fiesta clip art.

Fiesta Egg Ingredients


Carefully cut out the Fiesta illustrations you would like to use with a pair of small scissors. 

Paste the illustration on a fully dry, dyed egg with a bit of matte decoupage finish applied to the back of the paper with a brush.  Smooth over any wrinkles with your fingers. 

Allow to dry for at least an hour.  

When dry, use fine tipped markers to color in the illustrations in whatever fun hues you’d like.  




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  1. I love the colors in this points, but I think that it demonstrates that there is not a bright, bold purple in the Fiesta line as of yet. Would love to see this color added!

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