5 Tips for a Happy Wedding Registry Experience

If you are recently engaged you are most likely scanning this blog post with a large latte in hand, Brides Magazine (or the male equivalent) in reach of your snack (most likely something on the healthier side) and about fifteen separate tabs open on your browser… all of them Pinterest.

Fiesta Dinnerware Registry TipsWedding planning is exciting, but with the plethora of ideas just a click away now it can often be quite the task. We won’t try to settle all of those wedding engagement conundrums (that’s The Knot’s job!) but we will map out a plan for you to have the happiest registry experience yet.   

Fiesta wedding registry tips and tricks

[image source Palm Springs Style]

1. Register early. Once the word is out on your engagement chances are friends and family are Googling to discover where you are registered so they can get your gift asap. We’re not bluffing. You don’t need to have everything buttoned up, but at least a starting place.

If you are considering registering for our Fiesta Dinnerware, you will be relieved to know you don’t have the pressure of feeling that you need to get all the stuff on your registry because the items are open stock (meaning you don’t have to buy the entire set). In many cases, couples feel a pressure to get everything or their pattern might be discontinued. Not the case!

2. Register for your heart’s desire, but remember your lifestyle. Don’t feel you need to simply register for flatware and household necessities. The skies the limit… within reason. Most stores have wedding registries now so feel free to add whatever you think will make sense for your new life together. Camping equipment, appliances, electronics, but do remember to ask yourself if you will actually use what you are choosing (aka if you aren’t into hosting formal parties, do you really need that crystal punch bowl?). The style of our Fiesta dishes lends itself to a variety of decorating styles from traditional to modern. If you are in search of something versatile and endlessly exciting, mixing and matching our colors may be the ideal route to truly creating your own personal style together.  

Play with our virtual tablescape to see what your future dining experience will look like.

3. Make sure to hit every price point. Register for items in a wide range of price points: under $50, under $75, under $100, under $200, and beyond, so all of your guests can choose gifts they can afford. Today it is also considerate to ensure your chosen registry is available online. Etiquette is to registry at three stores max.

4. Update often. When guests purchase gifts, your registry will update automatically. Make sure you are checking it often during the days leading up to the wedding so you can update with additional selections so guests have something to choose from. The Knot says to aim to have at least twice the amount as gifts on the registry as guests.

5. Say thank you promptly. Most likely gifts will trickle in before your big day. Be gracious to your givers and say thank you early on. Etiquette is to send thank you notes two weeks after your gift is received if it is prior to your wedding day. All gifts received on your wedding day warrant a thank you one month after you lovebirds return from your honeymoon.

Congrats on your big day! Remember that just like your promise to one another, choosing Fiesta can be a lifetime or even generational investment. You can even incorporate your grandmas’ Fiesta or vintage flea market finds over the years together.

Share your wedding registry questions and comments in the section and below. And look out for a major wedding inspired blog post in May. Happy planning!



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