Setting the Easter Table

Setting the Easter Table

There’s nothing quite like the bright pops of color that spring up after a long, dreary winter.  So to celebrate Spring, we’ve decked the halls with fresh greens and sunny citrus hues which lend a decidedly cheerful note to our Easter festivities.  

Fiesta Spring Table

Elevate the Easter table with stacks of vivid dishes, mixing and matching until each setting looks like a basket of colorful eggs.  A beautifully decorated egg nested atop green paper grass is the perfect topper when nestled in our Bouillon Bowl.

Don’t forget the flatware!  We turned ours into an Easter Bunny staple- a fresh garden carrot.  Simply wrap up a set of green plastic utensils in an orange napkin.  Fasten closed with a length of coordinating color ribbon. 

Fiesta Bowl Nests

Take the nest concept and run with it!  Alternate the size and color of the nests’ bowls and display them down the center of the dinner table.  Perch a plastic or hardboiled egg on top. 

Easter Egg Tree

For a sweet centerpiece, top a Fiesta® Baking Tray with green grass and whimsical Easter characters like fuzzy chicks and snow white bunnies.  In the center of the tray place a potted Easter egg tree assembled by gluing varying sizes of decorated eggs to a foam cone.  Plant the tree in a gussied up terra cotta pot. 

Fiesta Easter Shakers

These adorable little creatures are sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces!  Start with a Fiesta® Salt or Pepper Shaker in Sunflower for a chick or White for a bunny.  

For the chick, draw on two black dots for eyes using acrylic paint or a permanent marker.  Cut a small diamond shape out of orange paper and fold in half.  Affix the paper beak to your Sunflower Shaker with a dab of glue or some double-sided tape.  For the chick’s feet, cut two triangles from the orange paper and adhere.  

To create the bunny, cut out a tiny pink rounded triangle for the nose and adhere to the White Shaker with a dab of glue. Using either acrylic paint or a permanent marker, draw on two black dots for eyes and small mouth stemming from the nose.  

To make his furry ears, poke two white pipe cleaners through separate holes in the top of the shaker, placing one on the far right and one on the far left.  Pull the cleaner through the shaker until the end pokes through the bottom hole.  Knot the pipe cleaner and pull back up through the top of the shaker. 

Do this for both pipe cleaners and then carefully roll each downward, forming a spiraling circle.  Now gently pinch the circles, molding into a pointed ear shape.  

A bit of ribbon adds the final touch: a pastel bow tie. 

Lollipop Flower

The final hand-made item in our Easter celebration is a simpler take on our Lollipop Topiary.  For this version, we did away with the tree’s wooden trunk and instead placed the ball of lollipops straight in our oh-so-versatile Hostess Bowl.  To make the flower of pops, simply pierce a 5” to 6” foam ball with the stick end of a lollipop.  Do this for all 200 (or so) lollipops until the entire ball is covered.  

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