Fiesta® Lollipop Topiary

Fiesta Lollipop Topiary

If you’re a sucker for sweets, you’ll love this fun craft, which puts a whimsical twist on a classic botanical design:  the topiary.  Perfect for gift giving or as an attention getting centerpiece, our version incorporates the shapely Fiesta® Hostess Bowl and more lollipops than we care to admit.   The result, however, is a stunning and clever work of art that can be devoured one lollipop at a time. 

To make the Lollipop Topiary you will need the following items:

  • 2-6” Foam Balls (or 1-6″ Ball and 1-4″or 5″ Ball)
  • Wooden Dowel,  5/16” diameter
  • Green Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Duct Tape
  • Fiesta® Hostess Bowl, any color
  • 250 small lollipops, such as Dum-Dums

Fiesta Topiary Ingredients

To assemble your topiary, first paint one of the foam balls with the green craft paint.  This will become the grassy mound supporting your tree.  Go ahead and paint the wooden dowel while you are at.  Allow to dry completely. 

Paint the Topiary Ball

While the paint is drying, you can start appling the sweet blossoms of the tree.   To do this, simply insert the stick of the lollipop into the remaining (unpainted) foam ball and press gently until the entire stick is submerged in the foam.  Repeat with all two-hundred-and-some-odd lollipops, making sure to space them close enough so that no foam shows through.  

While we chose to go over-the-top with a large 6” foam ball, a smaller 4” or 5” foam ball would work well and require less pops (and perhaps less duct tape). 

Adding Lollipops to Fiesta Topiary

Once the paint has dried, place the newly green foam ball in the Hostess Bowl.  For an extra secure structure, we used a generous amount of duct tape in the bottom of the bowl to help stabilize the ball. Once this foam ball is in place, carefully insert the wooden dowel into the lollipop covered foam ball, about half way inside.  With a gentle (but confident) motion, plunge the bottom of the dowel into the green foam ball so that the lollipops are elevated above the base.  Now step back and admire!

Fiesta Lollipop Topiary Tree



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