DIY Tea Cup Candles

DIY Tea Cup Candles

There’s nothing quite as homey as the low, flickering light and heady aroma of a burning candle.  Especially when it’s a homemade candle, hand-poured into a Fiesta® Tea Cup.

This charming craft is super simple to make and the results are so beautiful you won’t want to stop with one batch. Nor should you!  Try coming up with intriguing scent and color combos by pairing a luscious fragrance with a complementary Fiesta® hue.  For instance, fill a Fiesta Tea Cup in Lemongrass with a tropical coconut lime scent.  A Paprika cup would be the perfect vessel for a caramel apple candle.  

To get started on this candle-making mission you will need the following:

3 Fiesta Tea Cups

1 lb. soy wax flakes (microwavable)

3 candle wicks with metal base

1.5 oz. candle scent (about 0.5 oz. per candle)

1 microwaveable mixing container such as a measuring cup

Hot glue gun


Tea Cup Candles Ingredients

First, thoroughly wash and dry your Fiesta Tea Cups.  Adhere the candle wick to the bottom of the cup with a dab of hot glue.  You can also use some melted wax to adhere.

Tea Cup Candles Wicks

Next, heat the soy wax in your microwave for 3 to 4 minutes, until the wax reaches a temperature of about 170°.  When the wax has cooled slightly (to about 160°) add candle fragrance.  

Pour the mixture into your tea cups. Gently adjust the wick so it is centered, using two pens to help prop it up.  

Tea Cup Candles Pouring

Let the candles sit until the wax is cooled and solid. 

Tea Cup Candles Setting

Trim wick down to about ¼”. 

If you can help it, allow the candles to cure for several days before burning to allow for the best scent throw. 

Tea Cup Candle Lemongrass

Tea Cup Candles Lighting

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