DIY Fiesta Valentine’s Gumball Machine

DIYIt seems like just yesterday we were making valentines for our crushes, gorging ourselves with candy, and creating different red and pink themed crafts, elbow deep in glitter glue, when February rolled around. Even though those days are behind us, it doesn’t mean we can’t still make Valentine’s Day a fun and crafty holiday. Whether you’re celebrating February 14th with your partner or friends, this fun DIY Fiesta Gumball Machine is sure to make your day!

It’s super easy. All you need is a glass fishbowl, which you can find in most pet or convenience stores, a Jumbo Bowl, the lid from a Covered Teapot, and some ribbon to pull it all together. We chose Scarlet, but you can pick whichever of our 15 colors you’d like. And the best part is you don’t even have to use glue, just make sure it’s in a safe spot!


The last (and most important) step is the candy. Here is the only place we had trouble in constructing our Fiesta gumball machine – in deciding which candy to use! Ultimately we chose M&M’s, but feel free to use your favorite Valentine’s Day candy. Now, just fill up the fishbowl with your treats and enjoy your DIY Valentine’s Gumball Machine.

Untitled design

Finally, just like when you were a little kid, gorge yourself with candy 🙂



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