Setting the Table for 2015


Three…two…one…Happy New Year! While everyone wants to throw an amazing New Year’s Eve soiree, not many people end up getting to enjoy their own party, and what fun is that? These simple entertaining tips will help you ring in this New Year the right way:

  • Start with a pop of color on the table. Using at least one colorful or decorative plate takes the pressure off the centerpiece and makes each place setting feel a little more festive. We used Cobalt and White dinnerware for our winter-themed table.
  • If you’re having a small party, a pre-mixed signature cocktail and wine/beer make it easy for guests to get their own drinks. If it’s a larger party, a drink station with all the essentials (liquor, mixers, garnishes etc.) empowers everyone to make their own cocktails.
  • Find a fun theme! Numbers work well for New Year’s. The countdown garland above is super easy to make. Just add white number decals to a square of black card stock. Or you can decorate using a limited color palette of wintery blues—it’s guaranteed to feel polished. 
  • IMG_0005Glitter or confetti are a typical New Year’s go-to, but do yourself a favor and sprinkle around tissue paper confetti as opposed to small-flaked glitter. It’s so much easier to clean up and the size of the confetti makes more of an impact.
  • Plan ahead—figure out what appetizers and pieces of your meal you can make ahead of time and start prepping one or two days in advance. It will allow you to actually attend your own party instead of being stuck in the kitchen.
  • Decorate with items that make big impact but won’t be time consuming for you to set up. Helium balloons and honeycomb tissue balls (as opposed to tissue paper pom-poms) look beautiful without a ton of work. 
  • IMG_0004Designate a wall that guests can use as a photo booth. Have each guest bring a whimsical prop for everyone to use while snapping pictures.
  • Take people up on their offer to bring something or help out. It will ease your own stress and allows guests to feel like they’re contributing to the party.
  • Give guests a chance to write down their New Year’s resolutions. Set out pens, slips of paper, and mason jars with “2015” written on the lids. Guests can write their resolutions and put them in their own jars to take home with them.

 Cheers to 2015!

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